When it comes to online businesses and smart marketing strategies, there has been a rise of many newer and brighter technologies over these years. Among them, if I consider something of a modern genre, then it would be ad mediation. Well, isn’t it helping the business-owners abundantly to earn maximum profit from their websites? It is such a unique and exciting process which act as an intermediate between the businessmen and the networks that they use to serve ad space.

So, if you own a business and you think that you can expel the mediator and know about the networks by your own then I must say that such a thought makes really no sense. It’s because if you take any such stride, then you have to end up facing some adverse disadvantages in the long haul. For example, the act of manually exploring bunches of Ad networks to decide the best price for your products or services could be quite a tedious process.

So, that’s why people have understood the value of Ad mediation over time. This process includes some magical tools which are so efficient that you can entirely rely on them for an amalgamation of all kinds of information belonging from the top-notch Ad networks like the regions and types of connections in real time. Then, all these data get centralised by those tools which help the website owners to identify which networks are paying the best roles for their traffic.

Now, my main aim behind coming up with this article is to enlighten you about how you, as a website owner, can increase your revenue while advertising with Ad networks.

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  • The first thing that comes into this scenario is:
  • Where should you place the ads on your website? 

Fortunately, there are a few options available for you:

You can place the ads just above the folds as such ads usually perform better because it doesn’t need the audience to scroll the page to get a glimpse of them.

Next, identify the layouts of your home page and internal pages. If you see that they are different, then you can opt for placing the ads in the bottom half of internal pages which are more abundant in contents, and people love to scroll down these pages to read the material up to the end.

Gather the idea from the Ad networks that which kind of contents are trending currently. It might be the videos or other lively forums, and sometimes the text contents. So, whatever might be the scenario, make sure that you are placing your ads in the proximity of such buzzing contents of your blog or website.

Determine the right ad sizes

Just determine the right kind of layout for your website and then try the best sizes and ad combinations depending on the same. Moreover, it would be excellent if you experiment with IAB standard sizes for banners and the specific rich media formats because if you do so then, advertisers will be able to get access to your business and even ad networks could effectively work with your website.

Go for a variety of pricing models.

When it comes to various publishers, then most of them like to work on a CPM basis. You might even sometimes want to test the performance of some specific campaigns by a CPC or CPA model for such campaigns which can directly target your website’s visitors. With the help of an Ad network, you will get the leniency to work with any of your desired pricing models among the ones above in a practical way.

Choose to work with the perfect ad network.

You might be familiar with working by Google Adsense but remember that this Ad network is entirely based on contextual advertising. So, if you think that your website is not text-heavy, then there is no point of using this ad network as it will be wholly irrelevant and finally end up not increasing your revenue.

In such a scenario, if you want to opt for the best one, then the display ad network will be an excellent alternative. So, it is the best option for you if you don’t want to entirely rely on the conventional ad networks and instead choose the smart formats which could let you earn huge profit.

Further, an astounding ad mediation service could be AdSpyglass. It will allow you to work with a variety of the best kind of ad networks available. You will be thus continuously tracking your CPM rates and by default assigning ad space to the highest bidders.

However, meet with some smart revenue enhancing tactics which directly relate with the ad network that you usually work with.

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A perfect ad network for you will target the exact advertisers who can display the most relevant ads to your visitors and thus the tendency of your visitors to perform better will increase.

If you choose the right ad network for your business, then it will provide you with a 100% fulfilment of advertising spots.

The most valuable reports from ad networks can really help you to understand how your business is going on. May it be an idea about the type of advertisers that do wonders for your site, the ad sizes on your pages that you can either keep or exclude depending upon your performance or how do the revenues of your site vary in different languages and regions, you’ll get to know everything from such reports.

Final Thoughts

So, don’t wait anymore! Just act smart, make the best use of ad networks, experiment with different kind of strategies, measure results, and finally, analyze the same to skyrocket your future business revenues. 

Author Bio:

Maulik Patel is Founder & Director of www.clickMatix.com.au. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. He is an expert in Web marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, B2B Marketing, Online Advertisement of Google, Yahoo and MSN.