With the downturn in Adsense revenue you need to go elsewhere or add additional ad networks to their websites to make up for lost revenue. Here are 4 of the best pop-under ad networks that you might want to try.

 PropellerAds (TOP)
 PopAds (TOP)




Adblocker Bypass
Clean / Friendly
Ability To Exclude Adult
Real Popunders?
Yes (Onclick)
Payment Terms
NET30 (After 30 Days)
NET1 (Daily, Best!)
Minimum Payment
$100 (Payoneer) – $500 (Wire)
$0-$10 (Best!)
Global, 100% attempted
Global,50 countries
Backend Score
A++ (Live Stats, Very Intuitive)
Network Size
30m onclick / 200m banner
1000 campaigns / day
Advertising Bids
Fixed CPM
Fixed, Starting at $1 CPM
Target Publisher
Small – Large
Small – Large
CPM Rates
Up To $10 (Optimized After 5 Days)
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Pop-Under Network #1: PropellerAds

You have probably heard of this ad network before. They do a lot of promoting on webmaster forums and communities and are fairly popular. But they’re not only good at promotion, they also have very decent payout rates and their backend is top-notch. I very much enjoy working with this network. Their ads are not so aggressive and they offer a great variety of different ads including mobile push-up ads.

For certain countries their rate is as low as $0.001 per impression, but for US traffic they pay very well. They attempt to fill 100% of your geo-traffic.

What other ad formats does PropellerAds provide aside from pop-under ads?
Quite a few:
  1. Direct
  2. Banner Ads (IAB, 300×250, 728×90, …)
  3. Mobile: Dialog Ads (Push-Up)
  4. Mobile: Interstitial

The greatest advantage of PropellerAds is that they have dedicated teams who will optimize your revenue by finding advertiser campaigns that will create the highest revenue for your specific audience. This makes Propeller my personal top choice on this list, because I know there’s a team that really cares about finding something that my audience can at least somewhat relate to.

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Pop-Under Network #2: PopAds

PopAds has been established in 2010 and is one of the largest pop-under networks in existence. Its greater focus on pop-unders makes it an excellent choice: You can only allow pop-unders and exclude pop-ups, tab-under or tab-up ads. Other networks don’t give you this ability and often use pop-overs that are labeled as pop-unders.

They also have a very strict procedure to properly categorizes websites, which makes it more attractive for advertisers. Consequently, you can expect higher revenues because advertisers are getting a better return.
Ability to exclude campaigns with:
  1. Autoplaying sound/video
  2. Additional popups
  3. Adult
  4. Gambling content
  5. Software promotions

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Here are some more important points:
- Super fast payments (daily)
- Great international coverage(Australia, Western Europe, South America, Mexico, India)
- Full control over content and rate of popunder
- Good rates
- Most of sites are accepted(when approving, we are applying quality score to each site - the better quality your site is, the better rates you will get)

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