Mines with Excavator

Underground drilling in coal mines is the most common process, requiring specialized tools and machinery. However, tunnel formation is also essential to construction industries and requires specialized drilling and roof bolting machines.

Roof bolting is a system or process used for underground openings in the mining industries. During the mining procedure, there are chances that the roof may collapse after mining in a particular area. So, to protect the roof from collapsing, strong support like roof bolts is needed to hold it.

An excavator is a much-needed machine if you are working in the mining industry. It helps you in all drilling and roof bolting tasks with its attachments. You can easily replace the attachments of the excavator according to the need of work requirement.

The excavator rigs can also drill and bol the roof and handle the sizeable heavy material at the worksite. Wondering which tool is best for shelter bolting in mines?

Following is the list of an excavator's roof bolting and drilling tools that will help you get the right tool for the tunneling operation.

Underground Drill Rig:

This tool drills through the hard surface and my rocks effectively and efficiently. These produce precision holes in the surface. The excavator-mounted drill is based on hydraulic power that can perform drilling operations quickly in a minimum time. Bring the innovative high-speed rock drill rig to increase production and complete the work within the time limit.

Tunneling Jumbos:

This equipment is used to drill underground, employing more than two rock drill attachments to perform the function. You can buy the new jumbos equipped with a hydraulic drilling system. This excavation tool can also help you with face drilling, cross-cutting, and bolting.

Underground Loader:

Efficient loading reduces the time and money spent on your mining project. Attach underground loaders with an excavator and get rid of loading heavy material from one place to another. There are many loaders and types, such as buckets, scoops, wheels, and more. Buy the loader from a trusted company according to your work requirements.

Long-Hole Drill Rig:

It is used to drill through rocks and other underground surfaces for mining operations. You can make a long and precise hole with the help of this tool and can also do further drilling work at the mining site. It is used in locations where the target is to maximize the ore recovery and minimize the drill dilution.

Roof Support Rig:

A rock or roof support drill rig makes underground drilling easy and safe. A single person can easily handle this drill tool. This carefully handles all the underground drilling operation's bolts, cables, and dimensions. Further, these fully support the tunnel's roof during the drilling and bolting. Thus, this tool protects the workers against any harm from the roof's collapse.

Mining is a tough job requiring tough workers, durable tools, and machinery. For Constructing shallow tunnels or drilling in rock formations, always select hydraulic tools because they save time and money. Not only are the drill rigs handy when constructing in tight spaces, but they also offer the great advantage of easy extraction of debris and other elements. These tools perform tasks at the workplace with high precision and durability.

There are many suppliers of this construction-related equipment. Buy the best tools from a trusted and certified shop to ensure the product's durability.