Amber Necklaces

Nursing a child whose milk teeth just started coming out from under their gums can be difficult and stressful. The teething process begins when the child is six or twelve months old. Children undergoing the teething process get very uncomfortable and may exhibit some of the following symptoms:
  • They may find it hard to sleep well. 
  • Need help to eat well or eat at all. 
  • Feel feverish and cranky. 
  • Excessive saliva dripping from their mouth.
  • Bloated and watery poo / Rashes on the body. 
The teething process leaves many children very uncomfortable, restless, and sick, sometimes making their parents stressed and frustrated.

How Do Parents Solve Teething Problems?

Most parents visit the hospital and get medications for their teething babies, while some resort to alternative medicines instead of amber necklaces.

Amber Necklaces To The Rescue

According to the increasing fame and usage of amber necklaces in the past few years, many parents believe in using them as the solution to the teething problems of their babies.
Many claim that when they wear amber necklaces for their ailing children, the symptoms, discomfort, and pain reduce by the day as long as the chain stays on their children's necks.

According to Words Around, Amber necklaces contain natural painkillers, which seep into the baby's body, relieving the teething baby and easing them of every pain and swelling gradually.

Origin of Amber Necklaces.

Amber necklaces are made from the natural bark of trees that are preserved over a long period. This bark gets solidified during this period of fossilization. After this, holes are made into each bark strung together with a rope to make necklaces of diverse colors, designs, and sizes.

Amber Necklaces, Myths, or Magic?

There are speculations about the potency and efficacy of these amber necklaces in recovering a teething child. Some folks believe it is superstitious to think ordinary pearls can do the magic in restoring the health of an ailing teething child.

While some other folks have contrary opinions. They believe in the potency of the amber pearls in restoring the health of their teething babies and creating a deeper bond between the babies and their parents/guardians.

Since there are more yay-sayers than naysayers, we believe that it may be true that amber necklaces do tremendous help in resuscitating a teething baby.

How Safe Are Amber Necklaces?

However, there are fears and worries about the safety of the necklaces on babies, as they can quickly get strangled by them. The best thing to do is ensure the chain is not too tight on your child's neck.

Are Amber Necklaces For Children Alone?

Adults can use amber necklaces to recover swiftly from sicknesses, boost self-confidence,, and keep the body in good condition.