As we are more dedicated to working, we need more data storage to keep our safety and to share that between your colleagues. But here the big question is that which wireless storage device is the best, this is still a hassle. Let me tell you here that Somiflash is the company who has created a flash drive with 1TB storage and compatible with all type of devices. Now, Somiflash is going to launch on Indegogo for funding.

Somiflash is going to become the world’s smartest 1TB flash drive because of its extreme features. Somiflash has built-in USB 3.1, a wireless interface and it’s tiny in size, so it’s easy to carry. Somiflash is compatible with every device whether it is a TV, smartphone, tablet, smart camera, laptop and computer. Somiflash is available in different storage 256, 512 and 1024 GB so you can choose variant according to your need. It is accessible by 12 devices at the same time with 10 hours of battery backup. Somiflash is available in three different colours red, brown and black.

Somiflash is the best choice to make ever for office use and family use. If you are planning for a long trip and it would get more boring. If you have Somiflash, you can load this flash drive with your favourite movies, shows and series. It is abducted with so much space that if you are going with your family, you can load it with their favourite shows and cartoons for your kids. Everyone can access its data with its device compatibility facility through WiFi. All you have to do is just press the button on the front of the Somiflash and at the same time you will get the access to all your stored media and can give access to anyone you want to.

Somiflash is going to launch on Indiegogo with its extreme benefits. Be the early bird and grab it at an offer price starts at $89. From now, Stop worrying about data storage with the world’s smartest 1TB flash drive Somiflash at Indiegogo.