Everyone is different, and we should all embrace our distinct characteristics. After all, our uniqueness is the primary reason for our advancement in life. By exploring each of our characteristics, we come to discover whole new worlds and immerse ourselves in various experiences.

The cognition is an integral part of success, but it merely scratches the surface of the term. What makes success? How does one become successful?

We’ve reached a question that has been around for eons now. Success doesn’t have a linear path we can all follow. However, this is not a reason to despair. By comparing and contrasting successful individuals, a conclusion is to be made. All successful people have something in common.

To help you visualize success, accomplish your goals and be a better person, we’ve compiled a list of ten key habits. Implementing them in your life, one by one, will lead you onto the path towards success.

1. They take advantage of introductions

If you are introduced to another person, there’s probably a good reason for that. A valuable acquaintance can be a difference maker in your life for years to come. To make use of this probability, you should always strive to make the best first impression possible.
How do I start taking a similar advantage? 
When meeting someone, be talkative and spread positive energy. A good strategy is to talk just enough but to center your speech around questions oriented towards the person you’ve just met. Enquire about them and always craft sentences that are impossible not to be followed with an answer from your interlocutor.

2. Always consider the little things

Successful people are admired by everyone around them. A widespread myth is that success is built only on gargantuan accomplishments. Admiration and respect are earned by paying attention to details. Successful individuals make memorizing details a daily goal. When someone hears that you’ve remembered a detail, they will immediately be impressed.
How do I consider all little things? 
Bad memory is the most common excuse for people who doesn’t consider details. This may be true, but it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. There is no need to write details down. You can simply repeat them in a conversation. Ask people about their lives, experiences, and meaningful things. The conversation itself will be much more active, and your brain will memorize all the details much more easily.

3. Read as much as they can

Elon Musk devoted as much as 10 hours of his day to reading. He was born in a rich family. He made himself rich with his own efforts. Intellectual wealth comes much earlier than financial wealth. To attain success in any form, you have to broaden your horizons and be prepared for any situation. There is no such thing as useless information – it’s just that the right situation hasn’t come yet.
How do I read as much as they do? 
We’ve asked Jared Nicholson at case study writing to help us with this conundrum. “More and more people find it difficult to read and feed their curiosity due to a lack of time. To create a habit of reading, one has to start with baby steps. As you move from magazines towards entire chapters, a habit will be born. Just be persistent.”

4. Care for your body

Without a healthy body, there would be no mental power for you to use. Successful people stay energetic and effective. That sheer energy allows them to hold on for a little bit longer. To accomplish a bit more.

To research a bit further, without the right diet, your body won’t be able to withstand all the pressure you bestow upon it. Thus, it’s your responsibility to stay healthy.

How do I care for my body?
The first thing you have to do is cut out any unhealthy habits. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and any illegal substances. Maintain a stable and healthy sleep pattern.

By taking out all processed foods, you will not only save money but also feed your organism with healthy ingredients. If you’ve never worked out, start by walking around the block. Not only are walks healthy, but they are also interesting.

5. Embrace uncertainty

John F. Kennedy used to have a fear of public speaking when he was young. To overcome it, he chose an incredibly effective method. He stopped preparing speeches. Instead, he improvised.

After becoming president, he embraced the uncertainty when talking in front of thousands of people. Getting out of your comfort zone is the only way you will find success. Life is a gamble, and the potential of winning is always there, alongside the possibility of losing.

How do I implement this?
Overcoming uncertainty is easy. The only thing you have to do is to realize that there are no good or bad things. There are only our positive and negative reactions.

Why does failing to meet your expectations have to be bad every time? Why don’t you look at it as a chance to come back stronger and win next time? That’s the way.

6. Always adapt

To become truly successful, you have to embrace the reality that you will never remain the same person. Remaining in one state for a prolonged period of time will hinder you and your chances of achieving whatever you want.

Successful people analyze the situation and choose to adapt to achieve their goals. Sacrificing is the key to adapting, in almost every case.

How do I adapt? 
Being honest with yourself is the only way to achieve this. Take a piece of paper and write down ten of your bad characteristics and ten good ones. Analyze them all and think about how to improve further the good ones, as well as how to eradicate the best ones.

7. Set goals

Few things are achieved by accident. Every accomplishment consists of an idea, a goal and a calculated plan of action.

Creating a goal from an idea is something that successful people do on a daily basis. By having a goal that you have to accomplish, the reality of it will motivate you into accomplishing it much faster than you usually would.

How do I set goals like successful people? 
When setting goals, the key is separation. Turning one big goal into several smaller ones works wonders both for your self-esteem and efficiency.

Small goals are easier to accomplish and will soon add up to form the big one that you’ve been aiming for. Successful people don’t just do things; they conquer them step by step.

8. Surround themselves with other successful individuals

Every person is an average of the five people they see the most. Even the most creative entrepreneurs can lose it all if they surround themselves with negative and unsuccessful people.

Forging friendships with such individuals will cost you a lot of energy, which you can afford to lose. Successful people surround themselves with those that have the same goals as them.

How do I implement this? 
Honesty is the way yet again. Ask yourself – am I friends with some people because they bring value to my life or just because we’ve been friends for a long time?

If the answer is the latter, then you must act. Getting rid of unproductive and negative people may be scary, but it’s for your own good.

9. They don’t give up

Tenacity is yet another underrated characteristic of successful people. Michael Jordan wasn’t always the Michael Jordan we know today.

MJ was in high school, and he didn’t make varsity team. Did he give up? Certainly not. Instead, he spent countless days in the gym working on his craft. With constant work and showing up every day, he earned everything he has today.

How do I start taking challenge and not give up? 
If you have a habit of giving up easily, form small habits at first. Making your bed, vacuuming your apartment or meditating – it can be anything. The more you accomplish, the more you will realize you can accomplish. With this kind of consistency, you will find it impossible to give up.

10. Knowing how to relax

While it may sound unexpected, successful people have a lot of time to relax. Some people might say that working hard is the key to success, but it’s not. Working smart is the way to go.

Successful people know when they feel tired, and they respect their minds and bodies. Relaxation is important because they cleanse you and allow you to regain energy.

How do I implement this? 
Struggling with when to relax is more common than you think. The key to learning how to do this is setting boundaries.

Don’t work more than you’ve intended. Letting work spill into your free time will cause unnecessary stress, and you won’t accomplish anything. Free time should be devoid of any obligations whatsoever.

Final thoughts

Creating habits is easy, you have to add or subtract things from your life. The thing that people find the most difficult is staying persistent. Take your goals and intentions one day at a time. Once these days start piling up, you will soon forget the period that was before them. That’s how success is earned.


Jennifer Sanders is a writer and an editor from London. She loves sport, to listen to music, and to communicate with different people. Find Jennifer on Twitter and Facebook.