feet soft and beautiful at home 

The foot spa
is an essential thing if you genuinely want to care for your foot. According to Blissful Relaxation for the day, foot is the soft part that is made to endure such hardships. However, it's you to make it look smooth and glowing even at home as well. You can do it by essentially doing a foot spa at the house. You don't need to visit the saloon for that. The feet can dry and crack and develop a rough skin. It just costs a small fortune to renew your feet. Fortunately, there are home treatments to give your feet that special treatment they require.

Doing foot spa treatment at home.

Your feet are valuable since they help carry you distances in the course of your life. "Definitely you need to take care of them, and here are the ways by which you can give it a foot spa treatment at home in the most natural way.

The most crucial part of the foot spa is to use the special essential oil, which has anti-inflammatory features and renews and improves the flow of blood in the feet. You can either use any essential oil, or you can as well use sea salt or Epsom salts if no crucial oils are accessible in the home. Include 2-3 tablespoons of milk powder and including almond oil will also be an added advantage too.
For this, you require a list of things that must be kept ready beforehand. 

These comprise the following;

  1. Lukewarm water
  2. Essential oil/Epsom salt
  3. Wash feet 4. Almond oil
  4. Nail scissors, shaper, nail shine remover, nail polish
  5. Fingernail skin cream
  6. Foot scrubber or pumice
  7. Cream or moisturiser for the feet.

The following are ways to do a foot spa treatment at home.

1. Trimming: This is done by following the procedures. Clean the nail shine (if present) from your toenails with a nail polish remover Cut your nails into the size and shape required. Use a fingernail skin cream to soften your fingernail skin. Then sharpen your nails to acquire the necessary form.

 2. Soak the Feet by following the procedure below. In a medium-sized tub add lukewarm water and put essential oils to it or 1/2 tablespoon Epsom salt and 3 tablespoons almond oil.
Next, include the foot wash. If you don't have a foot wash, you can use shampoo too. Mix it well
Dip your feet in the foot tub and relax for 10 minutes. It could have decreased pain and inflammation. The water solution as well aids in cleaning and eliminating the dust and gets out dead skin cells from the feet.
Get out your feet from the water and get them dry properly.

3. Exfoliation: In a foot treatment spa, this is required, which aids eliminate the dead skin cells from your feet. The process below will help you;
By applying a nail file, softly and gently exfoliate your sole foot areas, joints, and the surface of the rear. Immerse the other foot in the warm water of the foot spa and rehearse the procedure. Use a foot scour knead massage softly in the rear areas, joints, soles for about 5 to 8 minutes. You can as well use a face or body cleanse if the foot scours isn't accessible. Ensure you are scrubbing gently on the feet in circular motion.

 4. Hydration and massaging: After finishing the exfoliation process, hydration of the foot is fundamental. So, get out the feet and clean them appropriately with a towel. With a lotion for the feet, rub the feet lightly for about 5-10 minutes.

5. Finally, apply nail polish to the toenails and let it dry. It is important to wear socks to shield the feet from dirt after the foot spa is completed. Special safety measures when doing the foot spa treatment at your home: Ensure to check the warmth of the water in your bath before dipping your foot. It can burn your skin if it chances that the water is boiling. The dipping of your feet ought to be prepared in lukewarm water. There is a probability that some moisturiser can hurt the skin. So, check on foot cream before use.

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