Just like men, women are also conscious about their look. In fact, there are more alert and take care of their body and looks more dedicatedly. There are a lot of trimmers, and other tools are available in the market for grooming for ladies. Men and Women have hair problem in some of their body areas, especially on the face. Every month ladies have to rush to the salon for trimming their eyebrows as well as they also cut their nose and ears too. In fact, you might have seen men with slightly long hairs in the area of ears. Personal grooming is essential and by maintaining it regularly, you will able to present yourself in front of others, and it is necessary for both men and women. In today's time, people get attracted to smart looks whether you are at your workplace or any restaurant, shopping, etc. Irrespective of people's profession, it now becomes essential that a person should look neat and dress up smartly. There are some differences in the ways of men and women grooming. Below are some of the trimmers that can be used by both men and women

Lighted trimmer #5546-200

Wahl is the stylist's professional choice brand, and this brand has launched several trimmers in the market that can be used by both men and women. Men can use this product for trimming the hairs near the nose, ears, and eyebrows. This trimmer has gained several accolades from the people. It has an inbuilt mini flashlight that helps in guiding through the depth of nose to remove unwanted hairs. For eyebrows, here comes with two heads and you can swap it as per the use. You can try to use one head for trimming your eyebrows and ears and other for the nose. For more information and reviews, you can visit

You can use it in dry or wet. The heads are protected through a cap. For best result for removing nose hairs, the sharp blades made from stainless steel are used. It runs on AA battery. In the packaging, you will find the battery which can last up to long. Depending on your usage, the life of the battery will be going to continue. Women can also use this product for trimming the nose hairs. The design of the trimmer is not that exciting like that of Philips and others. For storing the additional blades and heads, there is no pouch available. You have to save the trimmer safely and carefully away from the hands of children.


Personal grooming helps in bringing out the best in the personality and in today’s time, you must have a sturdy built and character. Like previous times, trimmers have reduced the time of spending hours in the salon. You can efficiently use them at your home and are portable as well. You can carry them anywhere and can use anytime. You need to keep track of the battery.