Are you up for a one-of-a-kind adventure around Gozo? Are you planning to discover the island's less-travelled destinations? If you are, going on a tuk-tuk tour is perfect for you.

What Is a Tuk-tuk?

Tuk-tuk is a motorised rickshaw that has become popular because it can quickly get around a city. Tuk-tuks are designed for rough road, off-the-track travels. It can go where regular air-conditioned taxis can't go. To make their tuk-tuks attention-grabbing and unique, drivers usually decorate their three-wheeled carriage, painting it with excellent colour and decorating it with dangling trinkets.

You've probably heard about tuk-tuk from travellers who've visited Asian countries, especially Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. But here's the good news! Tuk-tuk can't be found in Asian countries only. If you're in Europe but aren't ready to venture as far as Asia yet to ride a tuk-tuk, you can visit Gozo instead. The island offers one of Europe's fantastic tuk-tuk rides. And the only Tuk Tuk service in Gozo is Yippee Malta.

Travelling Gozo on a Tuk-Tuk: What It Really Means

As the only Tuk-tuk service provider in Gozo, Yippee Malta's mission is to immerse travellers in destinations that cannot be reached via conventional transport. On board the tuk-tuk, you can enjoy the following:
  • You'll have access to free Wi-Fi. We know how Instagrammable Gozo's attractions are. So feel free to ask the driver to stop whenever you see a breathtaking view and take a picture.
  • You'll get access to an insider's guide from drivers. Drivers also serve as your guide. While on board the tuk-tuk, they can walk you through the island's history, culture, and tradition.
  • You can customise your tours. It would be good if you had your own itinerary already. But what's even more enjoyable is to plan out your trip with a tuk-tuk tour provider. Doing this allows you to leverage a local guide's insider knowledge.
  • You can accommodate people of all ages. Tuk-tuks can actually accommodate up to 6 passengers. You can create a tuk-tuk tour for friends, and you can also choose a kid-friendly route. There's also an available itinerary if you're tagging along with your parents and grandparents.
  • Tuk-tuk tours can take you to Gozo's backstreet routes. Regular taxis can't navigate the rough roads of Gozo's countryside. Only tuk-tuks can! So brace yourself for a wild and enjoyable ride.
  • You'll be aptly sheltered from direct sunlight and rain. Although Gozo and its sister islands in the Maltese archipelago experience more or less 300 days of summer, there will also be occasional rain. But you shouldn't worry because tuk-tuks have covers.
  • Tuk-tuk is an open-air vehicle. If you've just been on a trekking adventure, riding an air-conditioned taxi immediately while you're still sweating can cause discomfort. But that won't be a problem if you've reserved a tuk-tuk ride, that won't be a problem.

Tuk-tuk Tour Options

A tuk-tuk tour provider usually offers different options, considering guests' preferences. Specifically, these are the options available—these two options take only 3 hours each:

Option 1: Morning Tour

This tour departs from Mgarr Harbour and will take you to the Xewkija Rotunda, where you'll get a 360-degree view of the island of Gozo. Then, the next stops are the Sanap Cliffs and Ix-Xlendi. You'll also drop by the Wash House at Fontana, San Lawrenz, Dwejra, Ta' Pinu Shrine, and the Victoria Centre. The tour ends at the Mgarr Terminal just in time for lunch.

Option 2: Afternoon Tour

Right after lunch, the tour departs from Mgarr Harbour and heads to Nadur. Here you'll visit Ramla Valley and the Ta'Kenuna Tower. As you continue the ride, you'll be able to visit Calypso Cave, Marsalforn, Gharb, and Victoria. The journey ends at the Mgarr Terminal just in time for your return trip via ferry to Malta.

Adventure Begins Where Fun and Thrill Meet!

Although the tuk-tuk tours service is just a recent innovation, this kind of ride is actually becoming more and more popular. And it is slowly taking the spotlight of the island's tourism industry because it promotes other off-the-beaten-track attractions. Indeed, a tuk-tuk tour takes an adventure to a new level because it promises novelty, thrill, and fun.

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