The database development commences from its design to the administration. The SQL database is logically designed based on the concepts and regulations followed by database designers. The administration involves the actual deployment of different aspects laid out by the database designers. 70-764 certified professionals with the ultimate oriented knowledge of SQL Server administration. Microsoft 70-764 exam accredits the professionals with PrepAway MCSA certification which is the formal proof that he/she has a clear understanding of the following domains:
  • Data Access Configuration and Auditing
  • Database Backup and Restore Management
  • SQL Instances Overall Management
  • Disaster Recovery Control
Note that the exam is set based on the contents available in every domain and the candidates are needed to have a regular visit to the training material. Every candidate is expected to complete 55-65 questions of multiple choice format within 90 minutes with at least 70% score in order to be considered eligible for certification.

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I have done this exam and I am one of the great pioneers who opened the way tomany candidates who are dreaming of being certified. I feel glad to share my personal experience with you. I believe you are going to make enormous impact on the world of database design and administration. The greatest virtue that should be emulated by all is sharing our experience since it benefits the generation that is targeted by 70-764 exam. As a candidate, take every experience that leads to success and implements during your encounter with Microsoft 70-764 certification exam.

The database’s overall applications on the involve programming and data manipulation techniques. The key secret that should be taken when learning these programming languages is to continuously study the syntax till it sticks in your mind. I believe every professional who has been involved with programming before basically understands the essence of the syntax. The good programmers who excel in the SQL exam have every syntactical concept in their fingertips andready to implement when prompted. Now, how do we get familiar with the syntax? The first time you encounter with PrepAway Microsoft MCSA SQL server start with simple codes on the shell; one by one execution. Do not combine several source code, execute one after another so that you can realize the errors immediately. Perhaps, start from the amateur level to the advanced level. Doing so will let your programming skills on SQL server grow immensely every day without struggling so much.

Secondly, I had to understand the structure of different concepts in the SQL environment. There are several concepts that need to be learned at their own and many training materials like those of PrepAway Practice Test Questions and Exam Dumps have scheduled these concepts to be taught independently. It might involve the loops, if statements, and the switch. These are the more challenging and confusing terms in the SQL server programming. They are very applicable during the database design since it enables the programmer to define the various conditions that are required by the end users. In fact, there is no single database that has been designed without involving at least one conditional statements. This implies that every concept is crucial. How will you master these crucial concepts? The secret techniques I applied when preparing for 70-764 exam is very simple and efficient. I had to draw the flow of the execution of each of this concept. The perfect flow gives a clear difference that enlightens your understanding. A perfect example is when we want to execute a program that checks whether there is a student aged 50 years. The program will have to capture the data from the database and execute multiple if statements or switch otherwise we cannot appropriately come up with the actual results if we use loops. This is the reason why we have to always understand the flow of execution first.

After having the clear understanding of the SQL server environment and the main concepts involved, the next step is to test your knowledge. I have seen many colleagues who have failed the exam because of the inefficient preparation. Inefficient preparation is when we prepare traditionally for a technology-oriented exam. The traditional preparation is where a student got involved in a thorough revision with a lot of materials that are not strategically designed to address a certain part of the training. The recently discovered the method by that eased my preparation a lot, that’s the use of VCE Software. It grants a unique way of doing practice exam based on your choice and preferences. You are able to set time and select the topic which you want to test yourself on. You do not have to take time sampling questions that are designed for one unit, the software logically groups them for you! Furthermore, it shows a detailed exam result where you can return and retake questions where you’ve made mistakes or just left blank spaces. Moreover, you can create your own test using the questions from the files you have. The option that I really appreciate is to convert 70-764 .vce file to pdf file. In my case it was of great help, as I studied pdf file on my way to work and I practices the exam on VCE Player at home. As the candidate, you will have a clear picture of what you need to polish. It really serves you the best.

Lastly, I read about the rules and regulations that should be considered during the exam period. The most important thing is to observe the rules because you might fail to get certified after preparing efficiently. There are several candidates who are suspended from doing this exam after violating the rules given by the exam facilitator, Remember, the professionals who are given the duty to conduct this exam are mandated to cease you from doing the exam at any moment when they realize that you infringe the set regulations. Besides, the certification is not only a true reflection of your knowledge and skills but also a true representation of your ethics that the hiring managers always consider.


Learning has been simplified to make the IT professionals gain the understanding easily without having unnecessary frustrations. Every candidate who follows the guideline available in this article finds a great relief. The alternative way to achieve Microsoft certification is sticking to the rules and regulations of the exam.