For the past decade or more the mobile app advertising branch, has seen immense growth. The main reason for this growth is the technological advancement of smartphones and the introduction of social media applications, which almost everybody knows how to use. Due to the rise in the popularity of mobile applications there has been a revolution and a lot of people have started investing in mobile app advertising. Looking for a mobile app advertising agency is not tough as there are quite a lot of companies who have started focusing more on mobile advertising, as majority of the people spend more time on their smartphone.

Mobile advertising has become a big face of the advertising agencies because companies of all sizes have started investing in mobile advertisements. People these days spend more time on mobile phones than on watching TV, in fact a lot of them watch movies and television shows also on their mobile phones; so mobile advertising is what we need today. In mobile app advertising the app developers get paid for showing ads on their app, and these ads are prepared and served through a mobile app advertising company.

Mobile Websites Vs Mobile Apps

In today’s time mobile apps have more engagement than the mobile websites; the mobile app environment is quite engaging, which makes the in app advertising an effective medium of advertising. As the mobile apps are used more than the websites, people are encouraged to view the ads.

Why Mobile App Advertising Is Garnering Success?

There are several reasons why mobile app advertising has become a more popular medium than mobile website advertising or television advertising.
  • People Spend More Time On Apps- A few years back there were only facebook and twitter apps that could be downloaded and used on mobile phones, but as years have passed by, a number of apps have been launched. Some are utility apps while some are interactive apps, due to this a number of users have drifted from web browsers to mobile apps. 
  • The Click Through Rate- Another reason for the growth of mobile app advertising is the higher click rate. The in app advertising or mobile advertising has a higher click rate than the web advertising. The click through rates for mobile app advertising is 0.58, which is quite high as compared to the web advertising. 
  • Better For Targeting- The mobile apps do not look like an interruption, they are more natural than ads that are there in web browsers. Moreover the mobile apps are more interactive as the advertisers know their audience. 

Benefits Of Using Mobile App Advertising

In mobile app advertising the ads are combined with the purchases that are made from the app, which means that the app makes more money. So mobile advertising combines with in-app purchases leads to more profit.

Offering the users rewards for watching or viewing an ads leads to an increase in the in-app purchases, this is profitable for the app.

Better user experience is what mobile app ads provide, because a lot of apps offer rewards in return for the viewing of ads.

If the ads are places at the right place at a right pace, then they can increase the app engagement and can also increase its value.

Different Types Of Mobile Apps Advertising

Once you are aware of the various reasons for using mobile app advertising over web advertising, it is then important to know about the types of mobile app advertising.
  • The Playable Ads- Playable ads are like games that the users can try before installing; they are fun and provide a good user experience. 
  • The Rewarded Ads- The rewarded ads are usually in video format and the users are required to watch an ad in return of which they are given rewards. These kinds of ads help in boosting the app economy and also lead to the return of users. 
  • Interstitial- These kinds of ads help in engaging a number of users with their attractive video ads. 
So mobile app advertising is the latest and a popular way of showing ads and attracting customers via the medium of mobile phones