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Hair Straightening Tool that works in Every Era

Straight hair is something which every girl wants. Girls with wavy or curly hair always envy those who have straight hair. Sometimes they say why do you need to get ready you have straight hair what else you want. Before going to any party or event, girls spend a lot of their time and effort in straightening their hair. In doing this mostly girls damage their hair. For many girls getting straight and silky hair is very difficult. They usually ruin them while straightening.

Frequently using the straightening tools like the hair dryer and hair straightener makes their hair dry and coarse with time. Obviously, there are some techniques for hair straightening which helps you to straighten your hair by causing minimum damage. And you can also straighten your hair in less time. If you want straight and glossy hair then you should know the way of making them healthy and straight without damaging your hair. Making best hair straightening brush a pro tool is a technique. Here, in this review, we will tell you some volumising tips for best hair straightening brush which will work absolutely great.

Tips for Hair Straightening Brush:

1. Use of Straightening Brush

You don’t need to choose another appropriate straightener for your hair along with a straightening brush. Hair straightening brush is essential because most girls have wavy and frizzy hair. Removing all the frizzes with a brush while straightening is necessary. Moreover, the hair straightening brush you are using must be broad. This would cover more of your hair in a shorter time. Always make sure that you are using straightening brush during this process. The straightening brush can reduce your effort and would give you result in no time. Straightening brush will reduce the time required for straightening your hair. Another advantage of a straightening brush is that it will straighten your hair without burning them. Thanks to tourmaline technology that we have the solution to every trouble.

2. The weight of the Hair Straightener Brushes

Lightweight straightener brushes are more reliable and perfect to use. Most of the hair straightening brushes, they weight not more than 1 lbs. So it’s not that difficult to use and make this working. Because of its lightweight body, you are not going to tire your wrist by going through every section of your hair again and again.

3. Tips for Straightening Short Hair

For different length and volume, there is a different size of the straightener. Short hair is always natural to straight. You just have to learn some techniques of straightening short hair. A straightener brush is the best solution for short hair. This is because you can easily straight the shorter sections of your hair. The shorter the hair, the more easily bristles can work on them. They can straight each part of your hair. And the soft and safe bristles of hair straightening brushes are going to keep you safe.

4. Tips for Straightening Long Hair

If you have long hair like Rapunzel, still hair straightening brush is the life-saver. It can save your time and effort. Hair straightener brushes are designed to the straight hair of every length. For Long-haired girls, it can take a bit more than short-haired girls. But, the results would be the same. Both will get perfectly straighten hair at the end.

5. Heat selection setting

There are different types of textures which need an unusual amount of heat for straightening.
  • Coarse or thick hair: If you have thick, dense and coarse hair then high heat would be required to straight them evenly. So for straightening thick or coarse hair more heat is needed which is from 350 to 400 degrees. Separate your hair in different portions and use the hairbrush to straight them evenly. Moreover, to avoid burn do not leave the straightener at the same position for the long duration. Otherwise, this high heat will burn or damage your hair. 
  • Average or medium hair: If the texture of your hair is medium or average then you will need less heat than coarse or thick hair to straighten them. From 300 to 350 degrees is the best amount of heat to straight medium hair appropriately because due to its texture it can become straight easily.
  • Slightly damaged or fine hair: If you have slightly damaged or fine hair then you do not need the high amount of heat to straighten your hair. A low voltage straightener brush, i.e. about 40 watts would be best for fine hair. It will not burn or damage your hair. Using an appropriate straightener and setting its heat from 150 to 250 degrees would be best to straighten fine hair. Such type of hair does not require much heat as they are not damaged, and the waves and curls can easily become straight. 

6. The material of the Hair straightener Brush

Most of the hair straightening brushes you will find on the market. They all are made of the plastic. That’s what keeps you safe from burning when using it. There are soft bristles made of plastic installed in straightener brushes. The bristles are very reliable, so they won’t burn your fingers while using it. There are 3D ceramic plates used in hair straightening brushes. And the tourmaline technology used in it. It helps you to straighten your hair more healthily.

How to Prepare your Hair for Straightening

After selecting the right hair straightener, here are some tips on how to prepare your hair for straightening.
  • For thick hair: for thick hair, you need a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair gently with them. After a shower, you need to apply heat protection spray to avoid hair damage. After drying (try to dry naturally to minimise heat exposure) use a bristle brush and make hair smooth by combing. 
  • For thin hair: thin hair needs volumizing shampoo and conditioner. After washing your hair apply volumising heat protection mousse. Try to dry your hair naturally to avoid the heat of the hair drier. After drying using a smooth hairbrush comb your hair. 

How to Use this Amazing Tool

  • For straightening make different hair sections with the help of hair clips. Thicker hair needs more articles so that you can straight them evenly.
  • If you create half-inch sections, this will make your hair look thick, and it also creates volume. 
  • Always start straightening from the bottom of your head. Move your hair straightener at each section at a steady pace in the downward direction. 
  • After completing the bottom section then go towards the upper or top part. Try to straight near the roots to straight them properly.
  • At the end of each section twist your wrist to add the bounce in your hair which adds volume and looks elegant.


No matter what type of your hair is you can make them look straight silky and glossy by following some pro tips. These tips will help you to straighten your hair properly. In addition to this, these tips will help you to protect your hair. So, that you can go anywhere without the fear that you have damaged your hair in getting your desired look. Go carelessly and confidently!

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