If you are like the average person, you have probably experienced a personal injury situation many times in your life. You just did not know that you had a right to take action against the one responsible.

Here are seven instances where you would be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

1. Defective Product

Ever bought something that was just not functioning in the way that was intended? These situations can be your fault if you damaged the product but kept using it. But if it is a new product or in good condition, any malfunction results from a manufacturing defect. And you could be eligible to sue the company in that case!

2. Bad Food

Eating bad food can have dire consequences. You may have missed work because of a multi-day stomach bug. You may end up in the hospital if you contract salmonella or some other condition from undercooked food. And it is your right to sue the place where you bought that food.

3. Animal Attacks and Bed Bug

Most of us love cats and dogs. We like to pet other people’s animals too! But when you are attacked by an animal while minding your own business, you could be eligible to file a lawsuit against the owner. Bed Bug Lawyer, in case you’ve recently found bed bugs within your house or another location such as a hotel or apartment, you could have the ability to obtain damages for ongoing bed bug bite injuries

4. Car Accident

You should make three calls when you are in a car accident. One is to the police, the other is to your insurance company, and the third is to your attorney. An attorney makes it easier for you to deal with the other party or their insurance provider as you seek compensation.

5. Slips

While it is embarrassing to slip and fall in front of other people, these instances are rarely your fault. You can hire a slip and fall lawyer if it is a wet or slippery surface and no warning is given. Just make sure you document the incident, take pictures of where it happened and get a medical report of your injuries.

6. Hurt at Work

It was a horrible feeling when you were just doing your job, but you ended up hurt due to an incident beyond your control. If your employer makes it difficult for you to get paid time off work or medical compensation, you are within your right to hire an attorney.

7. Physical Altercation

Perhaps you argued with a stranger at a bar or while walking down the street. While you did not do anything physical, the other person attacked you. They landed a punch or another blow that caused you bodily harm. You can seek damages in such an incident and file a criminal report.

Personal injuries come in many different forms. Any of the above scenarios could leave you sick, injured or permanently disabled. Seeking compensation is your legal right, especially when you know another party’s negligence caused your suffering. Hire a personal injury attorney to help you today.