The look and appeal of your profile is the most important factor to create the best social media strategy. For this, you must follow the style guide of a professional expert so that it will ensure consistency across all available marketing channels. It will also make every piece of your content that you produce look more cohesive and relevant.

Style guides must typically contain all the essential information for a piece of content. Right from the very beginning till the end it must look professional in its design and layout of the post. The focus must also be given to the hashtags and copy that accompanies it. Ideally, when it comes to using Instagram as your marketing platform, you must consider the following items:

Looking into each of these items deeper will make its importance clear to you.

About the composition

The composition typically refers to the arrangement or placement of the visual elements or ingredients that you use in your profile. This must look like a work of art to make it as distinct as possible from the subject. You may not be an expert photographer as a marketer, and therefore you must know a few practical and useful composition rules that will provide the best results quickly. These rules include:
  • Choosing a solid background colour
  • Setting the main focus of the picture to the Rule of Thirds
  • Adding extra space at the top and the bottom for text.
These rules when followed will ensure better composition and a clear visual style that will make your profile to stand out for sure.

The colour palette

Choosing colours for your profile is not an easy task. If you pick out just the right colour palette, it will help you to keep the feed consistent and focused as well. However, choosing a specific colour palette does not mean you cannot customise and have to use only these colours strictly, but this will surely give your posts a familiar feeling and a nice consistency.

  • A proper color palette in line is a great way to keep up with other different areas of your brand as well. If you use a very vibrant colour palette for your brand, it will become a crucial part of its aesthetics. 
  • Choose a colour palette considering your product so that it is in tune and right to the signature of your brand.

Use captions appropriately

You must use appropriate caption in Instagram marketing strategy as these captions are limited to 2,200 characters only. Moreover, after three lines of your text, these will become trimmed with an ellipsis.

However, if you use the captions correctly, you will get an opportunity to enhance your content further. There is a plethora of ways that different brands use and treat captions. Such as:

  • You can choose to manage your captions as a place for sharing stories and micro-blogging
  • You may use these to add a short and snappy headline to a post or 
  • You may use the captions to ask questions to your followers and encourage replies at the same time.
The possibilities seem to be endless, and you may be as creative as you can. But the most important thing is to make sure that the copy is precisely aligned with your product or brand. You may also create a unique brand voice, and it does not matter if it has a fun-loving tone in it. Make sure that the sound is familiar so that the buyers can easily relate to it.

Use of Hashtags

Using proper hashtags is also very important as it is the universal way to categorise your content across many different social media platforms. Hashtags will typically allow the Instagram users to discover the material as well as the accounts that follow.
  • You must research extensively to find the best hashtags to ensure more engagement but make sure that you avoid adding too many of these to your captions. 
  • You must find out those hashtags that people mostly use in your market and choose the most active ones from these. 
  • You can consult experts from for that matter if you are unsure. The experts will help you to even add a few hashtags as comments. 

Select appropriate fonts

Selection of appropriate fonts will play a significant role especially if you want to post text overlays or quotes on your Instagram images. You must select fonts that are consistent with your brand. The best process to follow is to choose the same fonts that you use in your website or any other marketing materials.
Keeping fonts consistent across your post is essential for shared text-based posts because it will be staying in line with the font of the rest of your brand. This will enable your followers to recognise your content within the feed instantly.

About the filters

If you use Instagram filters in the way you should, it will make even an amateur photographer like you feel like a professional. The reasons are:
  • These filters eliminate the need of having high-tech photography equipment
  • You will not need any professional editing software
  • The filters are a great way to augment your photos in just a few taps 
  • These filters can drastically alter the look and feel of your videos even.
Therefore, it is essential that you know how to use the best ones that will represent your brand at its best. You must stick to the few filters you have chosen because if you select some different filters for every post, then it will quickly make the Instagram feed look a little disjointed.

Make sure that you focus on finding the best timing and frequency on Instagram to get the best results. You can quickly maximise your chances to reach out to more people following the data tips and best practices. It is only when you maintain a consistent schedule that you be able to maximise engagement. You will not have to face any stretches or lulls without regular updates.