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A torrent, you, I would like to know which torrent site is still working in 2024. For every torrent site, the future is full of uncertainty and hurdles. Like the filmy world, the torrent world is also full of controversy as well as ups and downs. The Pirate Bay and proxies. Sx is still the most famous torrent site among all the torrent search engines. Though KickAss Proxy is banned, it’s not hard to find a working Kickass Proxy unblocked. But I found a few more exciting names in this category which are in the trend. Let's see. let’s manage to survive and still be in the top positions.

6 Torrent Sites That Are Still Working 2024


Regarding the best torrent sites, The Pirate Bay is the king of torrent sites. It is operated under its officials with a .org extension. The past few years have not been good for the site, as it received a few DMCA notices. But the minds behind TPB are extraordinary. They have saved this site to make torrents easily accessible. TPB contains movies, TV shows, documentaries, and almost all that is not related to regional issues.

2. 1337X

As we know, numerous sites are claiming themselves as a torrent site. But they could have kept their content fresh. However, dedicated uploaders like kept 1337X have fresh content all the time. If you are thinking of getting a torrent of new content, then 1337X can be helpful for you. It doesn’t mdoesn'tou are searching for software, movies or games, there are almost all types of contents on this site.


This torrent site is like a rollercoaster. After shutting down its original site in 2016, they introduced Torrentz2. Experts and popular torrents have an opinion that the future of this site is quite uncertain. The site only lists torrent hashes and is not linked with any other torrent sites. But it’s beinit'snctioned with the help of browser add-ons and some plugins.


The site is considered an unofficial successor of the YTS group. This approach made other torrent sites unhappy. Other sites claim that the site hijacked the popular brand, and few of them are actively working to take it down anyway. But without going into their inner quarrel, you can download any type of torrent file from the site because the site is rich in new and fresh content. 


This site also has a bit of the same story. After the hostile takeover in 2015, the new owners also claimed ownership of the brand. The new site is being operated from and still releases torrents. However, the content of this site is also banned on some other torrent sites due to its controversial entry into the market. But again, as I’m saying, I don’t want to do their conflicts. Just enjoy torrent downloading.


Limetorrents is now a popular and trusted name in the torrent market, having completed its journey of more than a half-decade. Site owners also run torrent caches, which are used by other torrent search engines.

We hope that you have found our information relevant. When posting this content, all sites stated above are running correctly. But, as you know, no one can predict the lifespan of a torrent site. At any moment, they can be stopped or banned. We hope this won’t change so that you can enjoy your torrent downloading properly and smoothly. Please share with us if you know of any properly functioning torrent websites so that we can updwe'llhis list.