If you are an employee of UAE, you need to learn some rules first. Learning the labour laws will be very helpful for you as they will help you in being in the right state in your office.

Understanding these laws is very important for all the employees because this gives them nothing but good. If they do not follow the proper rules and regulations at their workplace, they will never be able to stand in a good position at their workplace due to the violations.

Not just that understanding the always will give you benefits but also will help you in avoiding the unfair treatment of your employers or co-workers. So, you better understand them beforehand. Click here to know more about labour lawyers.

Here are the rules you need to understand regarding discipline in UAE;

Article 102

Employers can impose different regulations on their employees regarding control. Such impositions can be regarding following different things;

Regarding warning

the employers can warn their employees due to any sort of misconduct.

Regarding fine

they can ask them to pay fines if they violate any rules or commits any other violation.


They can suspend them for some time. This time period is not to be more than 10 days.

Deprivation from bonuses

If the employers see that there is some sort of misconduct being observed by his employee, he can make them get deprived of their periodic bonuses.

Deprivation from promotion

The employers can stop the promotion of his employees If he wants because f any wrong action form the employees’ side.

Work dismissal

The employer can dismiss the employees, but they have to give them their gratuity payment.

Work dismissal with no gratuity

The employers can dismiss the workers form their job, and they can even deprive them of their whole or partial gratuity payment as well.

Article 103

There are conducted proper authorisation in which all the rules regarding discipline are imposed.

Article 104

A proper amount of fine Is decided which can also be equal to the pay of the worker for some time. If a person breaches the rules, he must not be made deprived of more than 5 days of his salary. This is the maximum that can be cut from the employees’ pay for the whole month

Article 105

There should be a particular file or a record book in which all the fines of the employees should be registered.

Article 106

The imposition of deprivation of allowance can get imposed only one time in one year. No more than six months can this allowance get differed.

Article 107

The deprivation of promotion can only be carried out one time in one promotional cycle.

Article 108

The causes, circumstances behind all the violations and deprivations should be registered in a proper register. There should be an appropriate account for keeping the money of penalties. This money should be used for the welfare of employees.

Article 109

If the worker does anything wrong outside his workplace, no disciplinary sanction will be imposed on him at all. If the act is related to the work or workplace, the person held responsible will be the manager or the employer himself.

Article 110

Proper investigations should be held before imposing any sanction on the employee.

Article 111

No one can accuse the employees if thirty days of a disciplinary offence have passed. If sixty days get caught after the end of the investigation session, no disciplinary sanction will be imposed on the guilty employee.

Article 112

If an employee commits a crime deliberately, he will get suspended temporarily from his office.


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