Indians, as a community, have always had a deep appreciation for art. This is why many youngsters today pursue a degree that complements their artistic mindset. Various intricately designed buildings of architectural and periodic significance in our country testify to our love of art.

People with an artistic flair can opt for any of the following degrees:

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

BFA course usually is of a four-year duration with several specialisations. Fine Arts include both Visual Arts and Performance Arts. Five significant specialities in Visual Arts provided by Indian universities are Painting, Applied Arts, Plastic Arts, Pottery & Ceramics, and Textile Designs. BFA in Painting is usually chosen by hardcore artists who pursue art for art’s sake. Those who see art as a means to a career often select Applied Arts specialisation. This stream focuses on Product Design, Graphic Design, Advertising and other job-oriented facets of art.

People with natural drawing and sketching skills can opt for a BFA degree. The best institutions in India conduct an entrance examination to test the applicant's aptitude. The exam has both theoretical and practical questions. Practical questions may include still life sketching, making compositions on given topics using watercolour, oil pastels etc.

Graduates in BFA have a wide variety of scopes regarding careers. They can work as Exhibition Designer, Fine Artists, Illustrator, Calligrapher, Museum/Gallery Curator, Printmaker etc. Many of them create art and sell it both online and offline.

Bachelor of Design (BDes)

A Bachelor of Design is another undergraduate degree appropriate for budding artists. Depending on the institution, the duration of the degree can be three or four years. This degree can be an excellent foundation for a design career.

The specialisations in the BDes degree are Interior Design, Fashion Design, Products Design, Textile Design, Furniture Design, Ceramic and Glass Design, Graphic Design, Animation Film Design, and Film and Video Communication.

At reputed institutions, there is almost 100 per cent placement as there is a requirement for designers in every industry. BDes graduates find work in areas like Apparel Design, Game Design, Animation, Film, and Photography.

Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

As surprising as it sounds, an Engineering degree in Computer Science is a good starting point for those wishing to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer, Interaction Designer, UX Designer etc.

Graphic Design and Computer Science are two complementary areas of expertise. Many employers in the Design Industry are looking for both skill sets. Web Design and User Experience are much more than just how the website or application looks. Designers with programming expertise are in high demand as most companies are trying to expand and improve their digital presence.

Check out these BTech colleges in Odisha, which offer comprehensive computer science and engineering courses. A Design and Art career is subjected to many uncertainties by its nature. A degree in Computer Science can give many skills that are very relevant to the job market. This is a good option for those who like to play safe.