You can have a very green garden with natural treatments, so it’s high time you got rid of the chemical pesticides

Every gardener hates this situation. You stroll out to behold your garden one day, and they have been overwhelmed by pests and insects.


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Instead of considering the grocery store to purchase chemicals for eradicating banana spiders in garden, there are some old, yet powerful methods to use naturally. Most elderly are probably aware of these methods.

One strong point of natural pesticides is that they are friendly to the environment and your health as well. And asides that, they are also pretty cheap

Get Rid of Insects with Garlic and Chilli

This is really effective, and it's a must-have if you own a garden. Garlic or chilli spray works effectively on little insects that suck. Examples are caterpillars and aphids.

You can make this by combining grounded garlic and powdered chilli with a tsp of vegetable oil. You should add a little number of soap flakes into the mixture.

Leave the mixture overnight to soak. The next day, strain and spray on the affected plants, the dough should be kept away from kids and must not touch the eyes and skin.

Natural Slug Repellent

You can make this by mixing a single part of real expresso with 10 cups of water. You can go ahead to spray the mixture on the affected portions of the garden.

The caffeine will get sucked into their skin and cause death. Thus, if you prefer to go easy on them, use copper barrier tape or attempt picking off the small slivers with your hand. The best time to do this is after dark, with a torch.

You can also use beer to kill a slug

Ways to repel Possums

Brewing some LapsangSouchong tea is all you need to keep possums away from your plants. Possums do hate LapsangSouchong tea.

You can also hang some mothballs or camphor blocks around as they are repelled by the smell. Asides, if birds or possums are eating up your fruit trees, the best thing to do is use netting to cover them.

Oil Spray Insecticide

A DIY insecticide, made from a mild soap like Dr Bronners castile soap mixed with vegetable oil can help get rid of stubborn insects and pests like mites, termites, thrips or aphid. To make a pure oil spray insecticide is pretty simple. Mix a cup of vegetable oil with a teaspoon of soap. Shake vigorously and add 2 tbsp of oil just before spraying. To spray, target the part of plants affected by the insects and pest. By doing this, you will suffocate them since their breathing pores are blocked.

Soap Spray Insecticide

A similar pesticide is the soap spray which is also a DIY pesticide. It is suitable for getting rid of tiny insects like aphids, mites, beetles and many other hungry small insects. Follow the steps below to make a soap spray insecticide.
  • Mix one and half tsp of a soft liquid soap like the Castile soap with a quarter of water.
  • Target the infected surface and spray the mixture directly
Soap spray insecticides work just like the oil spray type. We would, however, recommend that you not apply during the hot afternoon. It is useful in the morning and evening, also get more details about Natural Pest Control