First, I want to apologize to the moms who have already installed WhatsApp sniffers on their kids’ phones. Because here, I will give some tips to outsmart all the spy apps to use WhatsApp easily. So here are the tricks to use WhatsApp safely and secretly.
  • Sometimes you must avoid or have no time to check the chat for many reasons. But you wish that the conversation stays unread. You have to disable the read receipts from the settings, and your problem Is solved.
  • Do you have many contacts and want to sort out your favorite ones? Then just go to the settings, then to data and storage use. In storage, you will know with whom you have chatted most. You can make your favorite group after seeing the list.
  • Want to know when your message was delivered or read? Then tap and hold the news, and there will come some info. You will get all the information you want.
  • Some sick maniacs just take profile pics and do unethical work. If you want to stay safe, go to settings, click privacy, then profile photo. Click the nobody, and you will be safe.
  • Everyone has some friends that are annoying but hard to avoid. Sometimes in WhatsApp chat, you may face annoying chat groups that you can’t leave, but you don’t want to get irritated with the chat sound. It is easy; just mute the group chat notification. While softening, you will get some options; pick the one you prefer. 
  • From WhatsApp attach menu section, you can send your location to your friends for easy tracking. Cool right?
  • Set your privacy settings to nobody to avoid the “last seen” feature. It is for those who nag you for no reason if they see you online. 
  • WhatsApp has an option for those who have lazy fingers. Just shout “hey Siri or google” and announce the name and message you want to send. 
  • You can customize a list to send a private message. Just tap the option on the broadcast list and make a personal chat list. Now send as much as private messages as you can.
  • You can back up all your essential chats by selecting the chat backup option in the settings. 
  • You may have to miss essential chats when you are at an important meeting or family time. But in your free time, you must search for those important messages. Let me help you; just double-tap the letters and mark the star icon. This makes your work easy.
So here are some tips for using WhatsApp safely, even if your device has a WhatsApp sniffer. But I strongly recommend parents keep an eye on their kids about their online activity. In this internet era, everything is on the web, free and uncensored. It is high time for parents to stay alert and give children a good guide and education about the pros and cons of the internet world.