The paradox of big cities today is that with a huge population density and daily communication of the population with each other, so many beautiful, successful and wealthy people remain single. The way to start a relationship over the Internet 10 years ago was considered nonsense something out of the ordinary, but today - such services are used by people of all ages. There is nothing terrible about it. is the standard way to get acquainted now.

The Internet is replenished with new services. Like this one, where you can do Russian brides dating from the comfort of your home, check it out. The business idea in the network develops with rapid steps, affecting all aspects of our life. Let's see what we need to implement such a bright and beautiful business idea as a dating site.

Difficulties in implementing a business idea

The way to create your own dating site is difficult and fraught with danger on the way. Implement this business idea is quite difficult, because competthe ition is high, and budgets are minimal.

It's complicated, but you can do it!

  • First of all, you need to localize the topic. Translation into any language is done partly through the interface of the management console, and also through changes in the localization files po and mo.
  • High load on the web server and database server when the audience grows. Again, you need to think over what to do when the resources of virtual hosting are running out, and user activity is not going down (and that, in fact, is good). It makes sense immediately to start thinking about moving to a dedicated server, and then to a distributed server. Multiple web servers, use of master and slave database servers, replication, load balancers.
  • Moderation of account content. We do not forget that users can arbitrarily start publishing prohibited materials, all kinds of advertisements, links to other resources, as well as offering sex services. For this, you need to constantly monitor and filter content and block accounts.

Monetizing business ideas

Revenue from paid accounts. You can make all accounts paid, which have a free trial period, you can adhere to a different policy. Theme Sweet Date - More than a WordPress Dating Theme allows you to configure automatic receipt of funds on the account and control of the subscription.

Again, I am hastened to remind you that the competition is high. The likelihood that a business idea may not "spark" is also quite high. It is necessary to present it as a unique product that has no analogues. 

How can this be done?

You can limit the activities or occupation of applicants. For example, the creation of a dating site solely to start your own family business. Or a dating site, for those who want to leave our country together. And maybe quite the opposite: a dating site for people who go to work in a certain country. In general, there are options. The main thing is not to narrow the circle of communication too much, otherwise, we will have to study the questionnaires for filtering the "left" users too carefully.

Sometimes the forbidden fruit is the sweetest. A closed club can attract a lot of people who want to join it. The system of membership fees, it may well improve the profitability of the site.

How to start the embodiment of this business idea?

  1. Calculate all the opportunities, explore competitors.
  2. Buy theme Sweet Date - More than a WordPress Dating Theme.
  3. Buy a domain or several domains.
  4. Buy hosting (hosting TimeWeb gives one domain in the RU zone).
  5. Install CMS WordPress, BudyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce.
  6. Install the purchased theme
  7. Customize the site
  8. Localize the topic
  9. Check site operation
  10. Create mail in the domain
  11. Start work on filling the site with content
  12. Configure and test PayPal.
  13. To develop tariff plans.
  14. Begin engaging the audience.