What Is Boho?

“Boho” refers to “bohemian”, and loosely matches the definition of this word. “Bohemian” refers to a sort of paganistic, liberated “gypsy” lifestyle popularized throughout Europe long ago. In the 20th century, it grew to describe many “hippie” events and clothing styles.

Today, a “boho” wedding might have a white dress that is low-cut, or has a floral pattern enwrapping it. There are quite a variety of styles to choose from, and you can really get something that speaks to you. Azazie’s collection of boho wedding dresses include a wide variety of styles sure to please even the most free spirits.

You want to have a wide variety of style available if you’re going to pursue such a ceremony. The idea of a Bohemian theme is to liberate. So accordingly, bridesmaids dresses may not even directly match one another in color or cut. Or they may. You’re turning conventions on their head, here! These days some folks are even having superhero themed weddings—nothing is off the table!

Beyond Mystique

One of the reasons many brides today are opting for the “boho” wedding trends is because marriage’s traditional purpose has shifted. The vast majority of “white weddings” today don’t actually fit what that color was intended to convey when initially it became a staple of the marital ceremony.

Accordingly, some of the sensual “mystique” that in olden times may have accompanied weddings is gone. But a marriage is yet a wonderful thing, and the ceremony memorializing it should be something to remember. Brides have become much more creative in how they design things as a result of this reality.

And there’s a lot to consider! A boho wedding could simply reflect this ideal in clothing style, but you might go further and change musical schemes as well. You don’t have to hold a wedding in a traditional locale, either. Beaches, forests, churches, and event centers are all fine; but if you want to go boho, you might rent out an old silo and invite a prog band. The point is, when you’re thinking out of the box in one area, why not think out of the box in other areas as well?

Food And Candy

Something else to consider will be the catering. Are you going to have traditional caterers, or what? And how about dessert? Even the most bohemian of weddings will have guests who are involved in the ceremony. They’re going to get hungry, they’re going to want to celebrate as well; you want to enable everybody for revelry!

The kids will need soft-drinks and candy--bulk sugar free candy online at sweetservices.com can be acquired if you’ve got some attendees who are careful what they feed their young ones. An open bar might be fun for the adults, and there are other similarly-aligned recreational activities legal in the U.S. now as well.

You could bring such a “vendor” to your wedding, if you’re really trying to go all out with this bohemian thing. Only, you want to ensure there’s some kind of “upper” provision as well, if you’re going with quality of any capacity during the event.

A Pillar Of The Community

Whatever you choose to do, consider that going the boho route is going to be, at least in some degree, untested ground. Things could go great, they could go horribly. If you’re going the boho route, you probably already know that. So be prepared for the unexpected, and above all, enjoy yourself

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, ideally. So ensure that whichever way you go is informed by an attitude which understands just how worthwhile what you’re doing is for yourself, your spouse, and your community.