Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are slowly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. The days of manual sweeping, mopping and cleaning are slowly but steadily vanishing into oblivion. There are many reasons for it. To begin with, in many homes, both the man and the woman have to work and earn money to run their families decently and look forward to a good future. This was not the case around two or three decades ago, where many homemakers were able to take care of the home as the husbands earned the bread for the family. With aspirations going high, and with prices not affordable to say the least, there is a need to look at diversifying sources of income, and this is where the need for wives and homemakers to working creeps in. Hence it is no surprise that there is a growing demand for vacuum cleaners and brands and models like Shark IONFlex Duo Clean are becoming popular. 

What Exactly Are Vacuum Cleaners

Put in simple words, vacuum cleaners are electric gadget which uses air to pump out dirt and debris and also uses vacuum power to suck up debris, soil and other impurities from your floors, carpets, furniture, upholsteries and even other areas of the home including ceilings, crevices, doors, windows and so on. There are different types of vacuum cleaners, and you have to choose the one which meets your specific needs and requirements. For example when you buy the ones like cordless Shark IONFlex, then you are buying something that is easy to use, lightweight and capable of reaching difficult areas of the home.

On the other hand, you could also go in for upright vacuum cleaners, canisters, and also handheld vacuum cleaners. Each one has its own unique features, specialities, and functions. You must, therefore, do your research and choose the one which meets your specific needs and requirements. However, like all electrical appliances and devices, vacuum cleaners also have their own pros and cons. We will have a look at the pluses as well as the minutes of these machines. 

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  • They help to make cleaning effective and more comfortable. When you do your research and buy the right bagged vacuum cleaners, you can be sure that you will be able to keep the house clean without too much of a struggle and effort. They are capable of sucking up dirt which is deeply embedded or hidden which perhaps may not be possible in a manual cleaning. Further, when it comes to removing dust from difficult to reach areas and ducts and vents, it is quite evident that these vacuum cleaners are unmatched. 
  • They help save time. As mentioned above, there is no doubt that time is a significant constraint for many of us. Hence when you use vacuum cleaners, you can clean the home thoroughly and within the shortest period. There are vacuum cleaners which can reach capacities of 25,000 RPM in seconds, and they ensure perfect cleaning at all points of time. 
  • They help protect health. Not many people might be aware of the fact that the air and atmosphere in our homes are more polluted than outside air. Hence it makes sense to clean the houses using a good vacuum cleaner. It will go a long way in reducing air pollution inside the home and protect the inmates from various forms of skin diseases and bronchial problems. 


However, as is the case with all products and devices, there are also some downsides as far as these vacuum cleaners are concerned. We are sharing a few of them for the benefit of our readers.
  • Manual cleaning could be better in some situations. When it comes to cleaning floors made of concrete and wood, many still feel that manual cleaning is much better. When you clean manually you go through every square foot quite well, and this helps to ensure that thorough cleaning takes place which may not be possible when you use a vacuum cleaner. 
  • We tend to become lazy and laid back. We have today robotic vacuum cleaners and other advances variants. While they may help in thorough cleaning, they certainly make us a lazier and laid-back community. 

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