"Your twenties are your selfish years; they should be spent on yourself."

Your twenties will be the decade that will change your life differently, and hopefully in a good way. Events such as graduating college, starting your career, finding love, marriage, and children are decisions that will last a lifetime. These years can be the scariest yet so uplifting. You will learn many things in your 20s, such as dealing with money, universities, jobs, relationships, etc. However, you can enjoy your 20s; as stated, they are your selfish years. So, keep going and trust yourself!

Table of content

  1. Explore
  2. Do what you want to do
  3. Remove toxic people
  4. Learn To Be Alone
  5. Learn to cook at least one good meal
  6. Take care of your body
  7. Limit your online life
  8. Stand up for yourself
  9. Don't lose your childishness
  10. Economize

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Travel. Explore the world, even alone or with friends or family. It will help you detox for a while, and when you are back, you will feel refreshed. Use your twenties to travel as much as possible; these years will be the best and most memorable. So, travel and explore to your heart's content.

Do what you want to do.

In your 20s, you will notice certain things about yourself that make you happy. Get to know yourself better, and find out what really matters to you so that you can make better decisions about your life goals. It is guaranteed to make your life better and happier.

Remove toxic people

Find out who really matters in your life, people who really gel with you. Also, make it a habit to be in touch with them. Make sure these people genuinely care for you, just as you care for them; avoid people who are toxic to your mental well-being.
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Learn To Be Alone

Your twenties are something that you should invest in learning about yourself more and less about other people. Therefore, spend some time with yourself and learn to enjoy yourself. Learn to embrace your own company and let it truly determine your spirit. Use your "me time" to read, write, meditate, listen to music, or watch movies. Being alone is good for your heart, and you should do it frequently.

Learn to cook at least one good meal.

Master at least cook one good meal. You never know when this ability will benefit your storm, especially when traveling or when your mom's away. It's a skill you will be thankful to have forever.
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Take care of your body.

Don't make your body a teen dorm full of junk food and unnecessary waste. Know that it is not suitable for your body and habituate eating healthily more often. Treat your body with care in your 20's. If you want to stay fit and healthy, start focusing on your body!

Limit your online life.

Engage with real people, not with real people. It was indeed fun for your teenage self. However, your obsession needs to stop in the millennial years. Uninstall that app if you feel like you constantly check your Instagram page at every awkward pause! Have a grip on it; otherwise, you might make a complete fool out of yourself.

Stand up for yourself.

Standing up for yourself is never wrong and is equally essential for yourself. Stand against the bullies or anyone else who lets you down; you should know how to avoid getting walked all over.

Don't lose your childishness.

Maturity comes with age. You are mature enough to make your own life decisions now that you are in your twenties. However, do not lose your inner child while learning to be grown. Qualities like curiosity, adventure, and childlike fun should be maintained and will improve your life.


Learn to save money too! It is hard when you have so much to do, but a little bit of savings can help you out at odd times. Invest and save a little so you will always succeed if you are short on cash.