Whether you're a non-traditional bride or want a unique twist on your engagement ring, there are plenty of options in the market. While a simple solitaire engagement ring is a classic choice, you should step out of the box and go with this season's dazzling engagement ring trends.

From vintage-inspired designs to colorful center stones, we'll discuss the hottest trends regarding bridal jewelry.

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Rose Gold

Rose gold has always been a favorite of brides-to-be over the last couple of years. If you love its warm, romantic look, you can take a step further by combining the beautiful morganite gemstone with a rose gold setting. The semi-precious gemstone has a warm, pink hue set in rose gold, creating a breathtaking effect.


The east-west style is trendy as they're more comfortable to wear with a natural fit than the traditional north-south setting. Plus, the horizontal arrangement is ideal for everyday use, something you'll likely want in an engagement ring.

Hidden Halo

Traditional halos are known to be classic. Hidden halos, on the other hand, give an impressive view of your engagement ring from any angle. Its delicate halo design wraps the underside of the center stone, giving it a rounder appearance. It has the correct detail, making it a favorite among vintage and solitaire styles, creating a subtle, shiny look. 

Stacking bands

Many are obsessed with the stackable trend, and it's easy to see why ‒ it's customizable. You can pile as many bands as you want to represent the different milestones of your relationship. Moreover, this chic, cool-girl look has no rules.

The unique design combines two crown-shaped bands that form a massive ring. You can wear them individually to show off a more regal look or as a pair to recreate an ornate design.

Pear Shape

A pear-shaped design is ideal for the more fashion-forward woman, with a modern shape that looks sleek and elegant. It has spectacular rose gold and white hues. You can opt to raise the ring with a pave setting or leave the diamond as it is for elegance and simplicity.

Coloured Gemstones

Diamonds have always been a stone of choice regarding engagement rings. However, colored gemstones have been growing in popularity as well. Not only do the colored hues stand out, but they also hold a more profound meaning based on their colors.

These can either signify your birthstone or the date of your anniversary. Gemstones make the perfect pop of color and are fantastic for accents and center stones.

Split Shank

A more contemporary take on split shank rings is putting two parallel bands with a gemstone separating them. It creates an effect wherein the stone looks like it's being suspended up in the air, giving it a more intricate touch.

Final Thoughts

An engagement ring is more than just having a glistening rock that you can beautifully admire on your ring finger. It had a deeper meaning ‒ a symbol of commitment as a couple and meant to fit your personality. To ensure that it's a perfect fit and the design is tailored explicitly for you, looking for custom jewelry is one of your best decisions.

Whether you're more inclined to a rose-gold setting with an emerald-cut diamond or a platinum setting with an oval-cut sapphire, it's all about choosing your style and exploring your options.

I'm Alex, a co-partner of a bespoke custom jeweler, Culet Diamonds, from New Zealand. Seeing couples down to the aisle and wedding planning inspires me. Now it's time to take my inspiration to help men and women all around the globe understand diamonds and make their engagement and wedding dreams come true.