I would also like to note that if you want to become a successful investor, then you need to make meaningful decisions on your own, and not shift responsibility for your money to an advisor.

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For sure everyone is familiar with the phrase "do not put all the eggs in one basket," we all heard it as a child, and this was the first time you met the term of diversification.

The task of diversification is to reduce the possible risks to your assets, based on probability theory and banal math.

How To Record Income?

The hardest part of an investor's job is to fight his own greed. For me, the answer is simple: before you open an order, you should know what the closing price will suit you and stick to it.

For long-term investment, there are nuances when you can change the price plan based on new information, but you cannot refuse it.

Liquidity Of Assets

Almost all the tokens that are within the top 200 coin market cap have sufficient liquidity to be able to make a deal at any time on a variety of trading platforms.

But with the liquidity of the tokens that just completed the ICO, problems may arise. The ICO project should have a large audience in social networks, an active bounty/airdrop campaign, and placement on two or more trading floors. The token should be interested in placing on new exchanges and expanding its audience not only at the expense of airdrop, which severely harms the price at the start of trading. Do not forget to pay attention to the Roadmap project and its execution.

Long-Term Or Short-Term Trading To Choose?

Let's define the terms used by crypto-currency traders. Usually, there are three types of investment:

Trading is often a short-term order, which implies that the asset's volatility is high enough to make a deal during the day and stay in a small plus. Increasingly, this kind of activity is given to trading bots. Not particularly limited to trading bots, but other resources are can also be useful vehicles to manually or automatically stimulate trading. You can find information on trading opportunities on Bitmex Telegram signals.

HODL means the medium term. It's great for people like me who know in advance the closing price. The profit, in this case, can be 10-100%.

Investing is a classic example of working with assets when it comes to a significant and long-term investment. The term can be more than a year, and there are no restrictions on profit in this case.

If you summarise, in many respects, when you choose the investment period, you need to focus on the asset: for trading, any pair with high daily volatility, for HODL fit coins from the top 100, and for investment - any currency in the success of which you are sure.

How To Behave If One Of The Currencies Collapses?

If we are talking about a new project that appeared not long ago on the stage and did not demonstrate such behaviour before, it can be sold forever, if extremely negative information lines have emerged, and there are no prospects.

Again, you have to make a decision on your own based on your personal knowledge and experience, since the cryptocurrency market is too young, and there are no real experts on it yet.

How To Choose The Right Crypto Instrument?

In fact, this is a straightforward question. There are several criteria, the implementation of which will provide you with an easy trade.

Liquidity for the desired trading pairs. This means that there are enough orders on the stock exchange and the amount of trade to instantly execute your exchange application or at least do it quickly. Before registering on the exchange and start trading, study this point.

Availability of quality support service. Even though we all work with modern technologies, this does not mean that a human error is excluded. Blocking your token may temporarily fail, or you will send funds to an incorrect address: you cannot solve technical problems yourself so that you will need prompt assistance from outside. Before registration, you can submit an application to the support and assess the speed and quality of their work.