Before the wedding, everything seems like a dream. But eventually, after the wedding, they realize that marriage is not an easy game. It needs a lot of effort, commitment, and compromise from both sides to make the marriage work. 

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At every phase, couples may realize that they may not be in harmony and can even fight for smallest of issues. This could be due to many factors like stressful jobs, other family issues and priorities, children and so on. The most important factor is the need to nurture the relationship. During the initial meetings and the courtship, each partner makes an effort to impress the other, but after the wedding, it just doesn’t happen. These issues are common in every household and need to be mended.

A healthy relationship es, especially with your better half, what will make you successful in all walks of life. But how? How to get the right guidance and counselling that can convince both the partners into giving that one more chance to strengthen the relationship and communicate better.

The answer is a marriage counsellor, and BlueSky Psychology can lend a helping hand here, as it is one of the best places to meet the experienced psychologists and marriage counsellors. So, be sure to set your appointment with a counsellor in the following circumstances:

Ongoing Negative And Depressing Communication

If the communication is going in the wrong direction and the intention is not understood by the other person, you may feel depressed, angry and insecure. You may not want to even continue the conversation because of the negativity and hurtful comments. It is important that you keep in mind how you say what you have to say and that makes a huge difference. Negative communication can take any form and can be emotionally and physically draining. also read: Haas ‘depressed’ by a gap to frontrunners

If You Are Thinking Of Having An Affair Or Are Already Having One

It is easy to get attracted to another person, especially when your own love life is going through a turmoil. As you are emotionally weak, your decision-making capabilities reduce, and if the other person gives even subtle hints, you tend to get closer to them.

Your partner may be very strong and may even forgive you for it, but instead of falling in the extramarital affair trap, go for the therapy which is a much healthier solution for both of you especially if you have kids.

Lack Of Intimacy And Meaningful Co-Existence

If you are just sharing the walls and nothing else, you need a counsellor. If you haven’t hugged or kissed your partner for months, that means you are not having the right kind of conversations, there is a complete lack of understanding, and you are just strangers under one roof. You need not do everything together, but even with respecting each other’s private spaces, you can have so many things to talk about or laugh about. Consult your therapist to know what can be done to sort this issue.

When None Of You Can Make Up Your Mind To Resolve The Differences

Most of the times, couples know what is going wrong in their relationship. But they don’t know what’s the next step or how to fix the problem. How to make sure the problem won’t arise again? Well, this is the perfect time to go to a counsellor. Delaying will only cause more distress. When you want to work it out, go for it. The sooner, the better.

When You Start Taking Revenge

The worst thing you can do in the relationship is given back to the person who hurts you. While it may give you some temporary sense of achievement, it will only further distance you from your partner. Doing something just for the sake of hurting someone because they have hurt you will not help in mending the relationship. Rather, it can cause more damage and create more negative feelings, which will affect the overall lifestyle of your family. Instead, take a step in the positive direction, ask a counsellor how you can deal with a difficult husband/wife who can be hurtful and sometimes harmful.

When You Get The Thought Of Separation

At times, you may be so fed up with the fights and unnecessary, hurtful comments that you may want to break yourself from that relationship completely. For this, you could start living separately or go home late so that you don’t have to be with your partner for a longer time. This is not at all a healthy situation. Worse is if you want to get a divorce for small issues that became big because of miscommunication. Sometimes, staying away for some time may turn out to be productive, and you could realize your mistakes and get back on track, but if that doesn’t happen, you will need to seek professional help to solve the issue before it goes to an irreparable mode.