The complexity of earth moving machinery is not only found it its size, mechanisms, and work but also in its operations. Granted, they are built to perform extraordinary tasks and, as long as they are in good shape, they execute their work with a sense of pride that intimidates smaller machines. This complexity, however, demands that the machine is maintained in good “health” to serve you(and the community) longer. After all, it would be unjust to watch all that investment rot away. Complexity aside, there are simple ways through which you can maintain your earth moving machinery in great shape. Want it to last longer? 

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Consider doing the following

Lubricate every needy part regularly.

You cannot afford to run your earthmoving machine with some of its parts squeaking and making funny noises. Lubricate all movable parts as many times as demanded. All you need is to establish quality lubricants to help reduce friction on moving parts. These parts perform their duty by grinding against each other. Make it a smooth ride for them to avoid rapid deterioration and a shorter lifespan.

While doing this, ensure that you apply just enough lubricant on the intended parts. Too little of it will not sustain the machine while too much will hamper the smooth movement of these parts, leading to energy losses and accumulation of additional residue. At the same time, follow manufacturer instructions on the way to lubricate various parts. If and where possible, use only lubricants recommended by the manufacturer. This is undoubtedly one of the surest ways of maintaining your machinery to serve you longer.

Give your earth moving machinery a clean bath often.

Just because its job description involves a lot of earth doesn’t warrant eternally living engrossed in the dirt. Regular general clean up is necessary, especially after a hard day’s work. Accumulation of dust and debris causes damage to delicate parts of the equipment.

All delicate parts of the machinery have special seals and filters that prevent them from dirt and grime. A crack or shuttering of the seal exposes that particular part to dirt. At the same time, filters clogged with layers of dirt and grime expose the machine to more harm. All this can be avoided through periodic cleaning.


  • Broken seals are not performed their work; repair them as soon as possible.
  • Keep breathers clean.
  • Check the filters regularly and change them when once they are dirt-clogged.

You may also consider housing your machinery to slow down the rate of rust on various parts. Keeping your machine under a roof will reduce the effects of moisture from rainfall and low temperatures.

Regular Maintenance on various parts.

This sounds obvious, but it is easier said than done. The general outlook of earth moving machinery is such that it can take a while before a severe breakdown. Well built machinery can perform a great deal of digging without asking for the replacement of major parts. For this reason, most people tend to ignore the fact that the machine to needs regular maintenance. Like any other automotive, earth moving machine is prone to wear and tear after a given period of time. It is thus essential that you regularly keep an eye on parts that need to be replaced and those that need to be enhanced.

A total breakdown of some parts of heavy equipment can lead to a more significant loss and stalling of the machinery. To avoid this, check on the bearings, the gears, levers and all other parts of the machine on a regular basis.

As an unwritten rule, do not run your earth mover when it gives hints of forestalling. There is a common tendency amongst automotive drivers to try and push it just a little more even when it produces funny sounds and shows signs of crumbling altogether. This might lead you into greater trouble with them the equipment, and it is advisable that you take care of the problem first and fast. If you allow it to persist it might be too late.

Schedule your maintenance to make it regular and memorable. This is tantamount to keeping notes on your maintenance programs. It applies to just about any automotive and works very well. You can check out ASV Parts quote click here

Bear this in mind

Earthmoving machinery is not only expensive to purchase but also performs demanding tasks. Its operations are also dependent on the people who handle it on a regular basis. Periodic training of the personnel is a preventive measure that can significantly impact on its performance and lifespan. This is particularly necessary when you purchase a new machine.

Also, a machine that is in excellent condition is also safe for its operators. Disasters caused by heavy machinery can be detrimental and far-reaching, affecting lives and livelihoods. To ensure that the machine operators are safe, maintain the equipment appropriately.