No rose comes without a thorn. Likewise, for a pet owner, scattered pet hair everywhere is an issue that cannot be controlled adequately. But there are some ways by which you can remove pet hair quickly and get rid of this irritation to a great extent.

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These pet hair removal methods may vary depending on your desired surface. Again, some means may be suitable for short hair while others may suit long. However, to guide you in choosing a method that matches your situation, here we have presented 7 pet hair removal tools. 

These are stated below:

1. Moisture

If the amount of pet hair is a little, you can use this method efficiently anytime, anywhere. This way, you can remove pet hair from your clothes, sofa, floor, or even a car seat. To remove pet hair from clothes, you can use a damp cloth or even your hand will do the job effortlessly. Moisture adds weight to the sticky strands, compelling them to come out. You can apply the same method to get pet hair off of couches, floors or any furniture; just dampen a sponge or mop. Then run it through the area you want to clean. Problem solved.

2. Rubber Gloves

Another easy and effective way to remove pet hair is by using rubber gloves. With a pair of gloves, you can remove pet hair from your furniture. 
The surface of the gloves creates tension in contact with the furniture surface which causes the fur to roll off in hunks. Again, you can apply this method to collect hair pet’s body. 
Wearing gloves, groom your furry companion. They will love it. And while doing this, grab loose hair from its collection.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

To keep your house free from pet hair and allergens caused by pet hair can be eradicated effectively with a vacuum cleaner. 
A hand vacuum with high suction power can remove pet hairs from hard-to-remove surfaces like carpets, cloth, or couches. For a thick, faster, and more intense pet-removing task, a .pet-friendly vacuum cleaner is all you need. 
To make vacuuming pet hair more useful, sprinkle some water on the couch or carpet. After that, vacuuming would be more precise and flawless. Read more from this website.

4. Sticky Substance

You can remove pet hairs easily by using some viscous material. To pick loose hair, wrap tape around your hand, keeping the sticky side out. Then dust your clothes, furniture, or car seat. You can follow this ball, made out of tape in your car, dressing table, desk, etc.

5. Lint Roller

Using a lint roller is one of the easiest and most effective ways to pick the pet's hair up. 

These lint rollers are relatively inexpensive. So, they can be used without any tension. 
But one thing to keep in mind, these lint rollers may only work for a small area in one go. 
Hence, if you use them for spot cleaning, this would be better.

6. Rubber Broom

Rubber brooms are another excellent pet hair remover tool that can easily be found in a pet supply store. 

These brooms work excellently on stubborn furs, which are likely to stick on different surfaces. 

The bristle’s static charge attracts the hairs into the brush.

7. Use Rubber Soles

Your shoes with rubber soles may also serve your purpose efficiently. Wearing a pair of clean rubber sole shoes, drag your foot along the rug or carpet and see the magic. All the hair will come out in a bunch.

However, these comfortable yet effective methods benefit different types of surfaces. You can use any of them or apply all options in different situations.