Once you are a new parent and have taken your little one home, your doctor may have already recommended walking as the first exercise you can do together. This is actually the ideal exercise, as you can change your pace according to what works for you and you get to exercise with your little one, strengthening your bond time! It burns calories, gets you out of the house, and can energise your mood!
However, walking your little one isn't just about taking them out on their strollers. There are still things you'll need to follow to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk. Check out these tips for walking with your baby!
Unsure of where to begin when walking your baby? Here are six helpful tips you can follow:

Choosing the Best Stroller For Walking

Make sure that you get a stroller that's meant for walking or jogging. You can either purchase this on your own or have it on your gift registry.
I recommend that you focus on these key points when looking for a stroller:
Deep seats and seat belts
A locking brake you can use when putting your baby in our out of the stroller
Safety wrist straps to avoid the stroller from rolling away
Sunshade to protect your baby's skin
Soft material for your baby's comfort
Sturdy frame and materials to ensure that the stroller is built to last and won't break

Knowing Where to Walk Around

It isn't just about how long you should walk your little one but also where to walk them around in! Avoid taking the stroller on rough paths like gravel, as the bumping and vibration won't be good for the stroller and your child! Plus, it won't be comfortable for your arms and wrists as well.
I recommend that you stay on asphalt and sidewalks, looking for the stroller-safe paths in parks or around your neighbourhood. If it's a hot day, walk around the indoor mall instead.

Packing the Right Supplies

Don't just place your baby in the stroller and walk on! There are a few essentials to keep you and your little one safe and comfortable throughout the whole walk. Remember to pack the following:
Walking shoes and socks
Water bottle
Cooling towels for hot days
Sweatshirt and blankets for cold days
Baby necessities like wipes, diapers, and snacks or sippy cups
Favourite toy to keep baby entertained
Make sure that you bring enough water to keep you and your little one hydrated!

How Long Should You Be Walking and How

It's best to walk briskly for about half an hour a day. This is recommended for those who are still starting out on walks after birth. If you want to lose weight, then you should walk up to an hour continuously for most of the week. You can maintain a targeted heart rate for weight loss by pushing your stroller at a lower speed.
Take note of your posture as well, standing up straight and using the right athletic walking shoes to ensure that weight is evenly distributed and your feet remain comfortable during the entire walk.

Best Time to Walk

The best time to walk with your little one depends on the season! During the warm summer months, walk during the early morning hours or during 11AM, before the sun starts to rise and become too hot to go out.
During the winter, taking your little one out during the middle of the day is fine. Just remember to take the proper precautions depending on the temperature and weather. Avoid overheating or being too cold!

Other Safety Concerns

Besides these tips, it's best to take note of these other precautions:
Don't walk in areas where you aren't comfortable in. If you can walk with a group of people like friends or family.
Always use brakes on your stroller when you stop, even when on flat ground.
Don't place your phone or wallet in a place where someone can grab it.
If you feel like the weather is too intense, skip the walk for the day.
Wrapping It Up
According to a study from babys, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on the best strollers or bulk up on all protective gear. As long as you follow any precautions and follow these tips, you'll love walking around with your little one!
I hope that these tips for walking with your baby gave you an idea of what you can do to keep your little one safe and sound while out. Use these as a starting point to ensure an enjoyable walk today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on walking your baby, then comment below. Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.