Your business website needs to be promoted on social media platforms effectively to reach out to the targeted audience for better sales and traffic. However, most business owners make the grave mistake of marketing their business websites once in a while. Experts in the field of digital marketing state that if you wish to reap the benefits of social media marketing optimally for your site create a strategy to schedule your posts. With the right web design, you not only attract customers, but you can triple sales online as well!

Web design and social media

Web design is a crucial component for you to attract customers via social media. If you create a business page and wish to convert visitors into loyal customers, you should ensure that you have an appealing website that has impressive graphics and informative content. The images should be of high resolution and relevant to the products and services you sell. The site should be easy to navigate, and there should be social media buttons so that the targeted visitor can visit your business pages on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. This means that the home and the landing page should have the right blend of text and graphics. The font should be legible and at the same time appealing. The presentation of the content is essential, and experts say that you should not use very long paragraphs. Bullet points are excellent for highlighting your business. The theme colours of your website are outstanding and when you are creating a logo ensure that invokes professionalism. The colours should be right, and the profile picture of all your social media pages should sport your business logo. This again creates uniformity, and online visitors can find you fast.

Reach out to your customers better

Visual platforms like Instagram are a great way for customers to reach your website. You can get real Instagram likes if you add the link to your site in your bio section. When you are marketing your website, ensure that you use only one photo filter to create uniformity of posts. Web designers can also work on your Instagram profile and create a lookbook design if you are an e-commerce business. You can also have a hashtag feed on the side of your business website to allow customers check out your latest updates and posts. In short, social media and web designs influence each other and help the targeted audience to find you faster.

Evaluate your website design and ensure that you hire experienced professionals to revamp it so that you get a responsive website attractive to look at. The content of your site should be good so that you effectively can reach out to your targeted audience. The posts you publish should invoke likes and shares. Keep track of comments and reply to them promptly. This establishes trust and credibility for your brand that goes a very long way to determine your brand presence in the market and generate better sales and traffic.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible for her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.