USB-C is a ground-breaking technology that has wholly radicalised the manner in which computer connections are perceived. Even though, you may argue that USB-C has been there for the past few years then why this sudden craze for it? The answer is yes, the USB-C has been introduced a few years back but it is now working to its fullest potential, and the tech world realises its real potential soon. The latest news is that the USB-C is quite adept at charging your laptop.

It is entirely possible that you have been using USB connections for charging laptops and such other devices from an outlet or your computer. That was working fine as the older USB connections boasted of adequate wattage for successfully fueling up all those smaller batteries. However, the earlier versions of USB directly could be handling a smaller and restricted amount of power that is why laptop chargers look larger and bulkier.

Thanks to USB-C, the scene has gone through a revolutionary change. This sort of a connection would now be providing adequate power for fueling most laptops, especially the Type-C version. This is primarily the reason why laptop charging is the hottest topic of discussion for USB connections right now. More and more laptops are being launched that are compatible with USB-C charging. With time, you would find that most of the laptops would be using USB-C for charging just like the USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro.

How Does USB Type-C Look Like?

How could you determine that the existing or the new laptop has a USB type-C port that could help in charging? You could do ample research online and gather relevant information. Alternatively, you could personally examine your charger. It is easy to identify a USB-C charger thanks to its striking features. The connector of USB-C is relatively smaller and well-rounded and remarkably different from the previous USB versions. It is reversible so it would be working fine either way when connected to the correct port. 

Will Any Port Be Working Fine With Any Charger?

USB-C is supposed to be an efficient universal charging standard. This implies that technically it really does not matter precisely what charger you are using. It must be capable of powering up your laptop with any USB Type-C charging port. Today even though most of the laptop USB Type-C chargers are interchangeable, there are some who do not guarantee that.

Even though there has been no news of any damage to a laptop for using a USB type-C charger apart from the one that had come along with the computer, a slim risk may always remain while plugging in some unknown source of power. It is still a wise decision to purchase chargers and cables from reliable and well-known sources. You may buy extra USB-C wires for additional safety.

Conclusion: Your Settings Are Vital

You would like to keep a vigil on the USB type-C power mode that you could easily find in your laptop settings, generally, in the battery or the power section. You could use the USB type-C’s output for either receiving or sending power. In the event the USB type-C laptop charger is not responding, you must necessarily examine the settings for making sure that it is actually set for receiving power.


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