Despite the fact that most of us wear them almost every day, we are still far from being in a harmonious relationship with our bras.
80% of women wear the wrong bra, which in turn AFFECTS OUR HEALTH. An ill-fitting bra is not just uncomfortable, but can actually damage your breast tissue, shape and can even block blood flow.
According to PETITE CHERRY, you need to figure out your exact bra size, and then choose the type of bra accordingly:

- Petite breasts: pushups, bralettes and demis
- Medium breasts: balconette bras and demis
- Large breasts: plunge bras and full cups

1. Hand wash your bra to make it last longer. They are called delicates for a reason. And NEVER put them in the dryer.

2. Try not to hang your bras outside for too long, rather lay them flat to protect the shape.

3. Hand stitch an old bra into a backless dress - use pins when sewing to get the stitching right.

4. Build your own strapless bra by using a convertible bra to stop it from slipping down.

5. Use a paper clip to pin your bra together to make a temporary racerback bra – this is great with halterneck tops or dresses.

6. When buying a strapless bra, always go one band size smaller than your normal bra size to keep it secure.

7. Hang your bras on a hanger to save their form and shape instead of stuffing them in a drawer.