Emotionally Dependent
Love is something that almost every person on this planet is looking for. Some want it so desperately that they fall head over heels in love, blinded by feelings and passion. There is nothing better than finding someone who loves you as much as you do it.

But sometimes, we idealize people rather than let them be themselves. And sometimes what we consider to be love, in fact - is an emotional addiction. We use another person for our own satisfaction and increased self-esteem.

Emotional dependence is one of the forms of psychological disorder of the nervous level, characterized by difficulties in love, intimate relationships, and self-realization of a person and his self-expression.

Emotional dependence can lead to the following consequences: psychosomatic diseases, allergic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema), intestinal issues, nervous system disorders, and deep depression.

The reason for emotional dependence is the lack of positive personal emotions. Therefore, life is directed toward finding someone to compensate for the inner emotional emptiness.

Here are 6 signs that you are emotionally dependent:

1. Excessive jealousy

Perhaps jealousy is an indicator of love, but only if it's present in your relationships in moderation. If you are often jealous when your partner spends time with someone else, this may be the first sign that something is going wrong in your relationship. Sometimes, resentment runs to the absurd, and one begins to be jealous of his partner's contacts with friends, relatives, or acquaintances.

2. The fear of being abandoned

You have the obsession that your partner can leave you for another person. It's like the fear of being alone. Excessive suspicion, checking his phone and SMS indicate your self-doubt. You experience constant anxiety, being among other people and clinging to your partner as if he is your property.

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3. Loss of individuality

A vital sign of emotional dependence is the "dissolution" of a person in the world of his partner. Such a person does not have his own opinion and is accustomed to wholeheartedly agreeing with his partner's point of view. An emotionally dependent person is convinced that his chosen one is never wrong and right about everything. He sees the world through the eyes of his beloved.

4. Lack of life purpose without a partner

This is the most dangerous sign of emotional dependence. A person is convinced that his life will become meaningless if his loved one is not around. The victim of romantic passion is sure that he is doomed to exist alone without a partner. By and by, emotional dependence leads to the fact that the person has an intense obsession with fictional loneliness.

5. Self-sacrifice

A person deliberately devotes his life to satisfying the requirements and whims of a partner. He goes to all lengths for his significant other. He headlong abandons everything and dials back all his plans to stay with a partner. He cares only about the idea that his companion feels comfortable.

Sacrificing something for the sake of a loved one is, of course, right. But remember about moderation in everything. Otherwise, it's already a kind of maniac dependence.

6. Failure to take decisions

Dependence is reflected in the fact that a person can't make choices. When there is such a need, a person immediately withdraws into himself, turns inward, and doesn't want to interact with others. Emotional dependence almost always leads to disappointment. A person gets it so wrong that he doesn't try to correct an unsatisfactory situation. Failure to make decisions hinders any achievements in life. Asociality and shyness provoke the development of mental conflict. Hence, there are numerous fears and doubts about one's own attractiveness. Over time, a person finally loses self-confidence. This condition contributes to the development of asociality and discontent with life.