Any relationship, even the most ardent and passionate, eventually gets to its first crisis. At this moment, you can let things go by themselves, losing your beloved woman, and you can take all the adversity in your hands to deal with them and restore the heat that was once between you and your second half. We'll tell you how to do it in the most comfortable ways.

1. A song for her

Writing a song for a loved one - it's from that area of romance that already smells and looks something ancient, forgotten, perhaps even sugary, but it's still extraordinarily unusual and refreshing. Therefore, we believe that this idea is ideal for renewing relations. Okay, you may not be able to sing or play a musical instrument at all, but you can certainly pay some musician to perform something cool only for your friend and not for anyone else. Would it surprise the girl? Of course. At least because practically no one in our time does such things.

2. Golden rose

How can you raise the mood of any girl? Of course, with the help of flowers, especially roses. But this is a standard gift, which most seems boring to most girls. You understand this, and therefore we will try to modernise the award to the status of "unusual and original." This can be done with the help of gold, and to be more precise - the cover of the rose flower with golden dust. Today several services deal with such things. Yes, this is not the cheapest gift, but if you are always looking for a way to save on your relationship, what kind of love can we talk about?

3. Dinner in the restaurant

Sometimes there is nothing better than the classics. The one that was in the course of our fathers and grandfathers. Seriously, when was the last time you invited a girl to a restaurant? We understand that if you date with her too long, you have already forgotten such romantic gestures and, perhaps, you do not see the meaning in them. But we recommend to recall their atmosphere - now your relationship is under threat, and therefore just book a table in a steep restaurant, invite your girlfriend there, spend with her a great evening and, of course, a gorgeous night.

If you do not know which restaurant to go to, remember where your girlfriend dreamed of going. Just do not say that you have no idea about these dreams. Surely she sighed at the entrance to some chic restaurant when you were strolling through the streets of your city. Then you were entirely indifferent to these sighs, but now it's time to restore the image of this coveted restaurant in your own memory.

If you can not remember, think about what kind of cuisine your girl prefers. Find out in which restaurant her favourite dishes are cooked best and book a table in this place.

4. Her day

Wake up tomorrow in the morning, cook breakfast for her, bring it to your bed, and after build a day so that she feels like the happiest person in the world. Watch her favourite movies, go for a walk with her where she always wanted to walk. Go to the places she always wanted to visit. For example, on ordinary days you cannot tolerate theatres, but tomorrow you have to take her there if she is crazy about them. Honestly, there should be more such good days than one in a year, but you can start with at least one. She will like this, and you, we assure, will love it too.

Perhaps you did not want to go to theatres or just walk along the flowering spring alleys because you're a snob and a bore. Believe me, if you suddenly discover these qualities in yourself and start to quietly get rid of them, you will not need to read such articles anymore. Romance never leaves the relationship, if at least one of the partners is cheerful, cheerful and creative!

You read the article, followed our advice, but nothing has changed? Then it's time to think about whether to continue this relationship. Perhaps they completely outlived themselves, and it is the time to look for the second half on the best Russian dating sites?