This is a Secret: Are you unemployed waiting for ANC, EFF, and DA job's with empty promises. Did you know your Twitter followers can give you money, I mean real money?. 

Everybody seems to have a clean side hustle these days, so it's only natural to question how you make money on Twitter. It turns out rolling in the social media dough isn't limited to people with huge followings and blue checkmarks anymore — Booked, a program by Webfluential, helps you use your tweets for advertising for brands and making money on Twitter. And the best part? Using the service is entirely free.

You'll first have to apply to be an Influencer on Webfluential's platform to get started. Once you get there, you'll see a relatively intuitive set of instructions to connect your social media platforms, set your prices, and make yourself available for bookings. 

But here you do any of that; there's one pressing question: How much can you obtain from a single tweet from your profile? Webfluential freshly created an "Influence Estimator" calculator that uses your new following to give you a rough meaning of how much you should be able to charge per tweet on their platform. 

All you do is a figure in your username, and boom — suddenly, all your followers are monetized, and you're basically the Bill Gates of Twitter.

If you determine it's worth it, signing up is pretty straightforward. 

First, you apply to become an influencer on Webfluential. 

Already logged in, you'll be undertaken to edit your profile page, where you'll link up all your social media outlets and deliver each of them a monetary value. 

(That's where the calculator from before appears in handy.) It will also advise you to pick three markets you're involved in tweeting about and the age groups you need to target.