MASKANDI singer, Mroza, has been accused of committing the biggest theft of the century.

This as insiders claimed the groundbreaking artist had stolen his Van Damme mega hit, which had led to him being the first maskandi musician ever to win SABC’s Song of The Year title last year.

According to allegations, the singer from KwaHlabisa in KwaZulu-Natal used Mtshengiseni Ndlovu and Mzo Khanyile’s composition of the song.
Mroza denied the allegations.

“I don’t know what they are talking about,” he said.

Sunday Sun sources insisted the song was composed by the musicians from Nquthu in KZN for their Ubengwane village traditional dance group in 2015.

Asked for comment, Mtshengiseni confirmed the allegations.

Said Mtshengiseni: “We met Mroza in Jozi, where we used to get together and compose songs for our annual traditional ceremonies held during the Easter weekend and on Christmas Eve.

“He liked the song, but we informed him it was not for radio play. It was for our village’s traditional dance group. There was no way we’d have given up that song so easily. He pretended to love our company, but he was planning to steal our music all along.”

According to Mtshengiseni, he was shocked to hear the song on radio and being played in KZN taxis.

“I called Mzo and asked him about the song. He told me Mroza had promised to reward us, but that never happened,” he said.

“Instead, Mroza went on to sign with Mabala Noise Entertainment and dumped us. We’re not angry, but he must do the right thing.”

Mzo said: “We, mfo (my brother), I can’t comment on the issue because I don’t want to be seen as someone who’s jealous about the success of the song.

“Let me rather not go there at all because you have spoken to Mtshengiseni.”

Mabala Noise spokesperson Mhlo Gumede said they don’t know about the initial agreement.

“All we know is they worked together on the song and submitted it together,” he said