Wives of business woman Musa Mseleku, Mamkhulu (First Wife), Mayeni (Second Wife), Makhumalo (Third Wife), and Mangwabe (Fourth Wife) revealed on their reality show Uthando neSthembu that in order for their relationship to work there are some rules.

 One of those rules is that they have a certain curfew for what time they can reach home and another is that their husband doesn’t allow them to drink alcohol.

“We aren’t allowed to come back home late because that limits the time he’d have to spend with all the wives. He also doesn’t want us to drink alcohol as that might degrade our integrity as his wives or contribute towards making bad decisions,” explained Mangwabe (Fourth wife) about how they make their relationship works.

As much some of the rules have caused some kind of uproar on social media but the family agrees that their rules may not work for everyone but they work for them and are the reasons why they are still together