For entertainer Kope Makgae, securing a principal role on one of Mzansi's leading soapies, Generations: The Legacy, signals a milestone in his career that spans over 15 years.

The Lebowakgomo, Limpopo-born media personality started out as a guest actor on the soapie but has now moved on to become a principal member of the cast.

"Well, it all started with a number of calls for auditions, it was sometime in September-October last year," says Makgae, 31. "I then went and executed the brief to the best of my ability . they wanted someone with my kind of personality to up the ratings."

He describes Mreykza as "an exciting character who brings life, laughter and intrigue to the crime-ridden ghetto environment of the soapie - especially for the young fans who feel the soapie is too serious".

Makgae, who just spurns being boxed in as either an actor or comedian, is famed for his funny OLX TV commercials.

"Everything I do is personality based; everything I touch is media specific. I act, I produce music, I sing, I do voice-overs, I like putting pen to paper. I'm a media strategist by trade. I do media solutions."

His latest hip-hop music single Lalela La (Listen Here), derives its title from his struggles when he arrived in Joburg but no one wanted to hear him out. Makgae also established the Hip Hope Foundation to address the "misfortunate or unfortunate", together with an entertainment TV channel, also named Lalela La.

"My market is the very people I grew up with, some are from my hometown; ordinary people - domestic workers and security guards," he says.