Scandal has been trailing Mel B's separation from her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, 41, and more sordid details of their ten years marriage are being revealed each passing day. One of such scandal involves a threesome romp between Mel B, Stephen, and English aristocrat Lady Victoria Harvey.

News has surfaced that the former couple had a threesome with Lady Victoria Harvey, 40, during a drunken night of passion. The tryst happened in LA when the trio were celebrating the Spice Girl's success on Dancing With The Stars back in 2007, soon after Mel and Stephen got married. According to reports, Stephen pursued Lady Victoria, texting her on a number of occasions but she always turned down any invitations until that night when they all had dinner and drank too much red wine and tequila. Lady Victoria's friend revealed it was Mel who suggested carrying on the party back to their place. At their home, Mel suggested relocating to the bedroom where Lady Victoria sat on the bed with Stephen and Mel on either side.

There had been rumors that the former Spice Girl and Stephen had an open marriage but Mel denied it. However, she admitted to having a five-year affair with a woman before her marriage. News of the threesome with Lady Victoria is just now surfacing following the couple's separation divorce and though neither of the three involved openly confirmed it, a friend of Lady Victoria told The Sun that indeed it happened and the English socialite was very uncomfortable about the tryst afterward.

"It was all a blur and everyone was very drunk, especially Lady Victoria. She told me one minute they were laying in bed watching a movie together, then they got carried away and Stephen was on top of her and Mel was kissing her. Next thing she can remember they all woke up naked in bed in the morning," the source said.
When, the next day, Victoria woke up to Mel's nanny bringing in baby Angel and found herself in the couple's bed, she was reportedly "mortified", her friend said.

The pal added: “She felt really awkward but said Mel and Stephen were really bright and breezy with her, although nobody actually talked about what had happened."
Mel B recently opened up about the abuse she suffered while married to Stephen and said he forced her to engage in threesomes with him and random women and blackmailed her with videos of previous trysts, threatening to release the sex tapes to the public if she refused to succumb. She, however, did not mention Lady Harvey's name.