How many times have we seen updates on social media about "baby-making weather"?

People seem to get excited when it's cold and raining, and seemingly get in the mood for nookie.

But is baby-making weather real? Do couples mostly get it on when it's cold outside?

What types of weather put us in the mood, and what weather makes sex the last thing on our minds?

"Baby-making weather is the type of weather that makes people want to sit in the house and cuddle," says sexologist Elvis Munatswa.

"The thing is, any weather that presents an opportunity for sex can be considered baby- making weather.

"It could be summer when clothing is almost not optional, or even in the middle of winter.

"In Johannesburg, for example, where the weather changes rapidly, people often find themselves improperly dressed and wished they had tucked themselves into bed and [were] making babies.

"So that is why people talk about baby-making weather, when they wish they could be indoors, as it creates opportunities for sexual encounters."

Munatswa answers some of the frequently asked questions about the baby-making weather phenomenon.

"Yes and no. When it is cold, it is likely that couples will stay indoors and snuggle under the covers for warmth, which in turn will lead to sex.

"Contrary to popular belief, single people actually have sex more in the summer when the weather is great and people are joyous.

"They are keen on going out, meeting new people, having lots of fun, including meeting new sexual partners.

"Sunny weather also allows people to dress more revealing and sexy."

It presents more opportunities than cold weather.

If you think about it, when the weather is boiling hot, people are more likely to dress less, which can give couples naughty ideas, as opposed to winter when everyone is covered up.

In winter, most people have sex for warmth, whereas in summer, sex is sparked by pure attraction.

Definitely when there is a heat wave. When the body is exposed to extreme heat conditions, several things may happen when you insist on having sex. For instance, sex during a heat wave may lead to heat cramps, heat-associated fainting and heat exhaustion."