HE CLAIMS his sisters didn’t approve of him dating a Zulu girl.

Then all hell broke loose on Monday when they allegedly burnt his clothes, and his lover’s belongings.

Moshe Peladi (29) – from Mamelodi East Extension 22, Tshwane – said when he asked them why they burnt their clothes, his elder sister, Thembi Senyiba (39) insulted him.

“I don’t know why they have a problem with me dating a Zulu woman because they never said anything when I introduced her in 2014.”

He said he was at home when Thembi and Dinah Msiza (31) visited them and demanded the clothes Thembi had given to his lover, Thobile Mthembu (26).

But Thembi said they were not against their brother dating Thobile.

“He hit me first with a stick while his lover held my hands. I was acting in self-defence.”

Captain Johannes Maheso said the two women were bust and charged with assault and domestic violence.