WHEN the 16-year-old confessed to having sex with her teacher, he said he would marry her.

But the promise the 40-year-old man made to the girl’s 78-year-old gogo was not kept, leading to her running away from home!

The gogo from Orinoco, outside Thulamahashe in Mpumalanga, told Daily Sun her granddaughter sent her a letter saying she was in Phalaborwa in Limpopo and would not return home.

“I’m shattered. I raised her with my pension grant after her parents died. She was devastated that her affair with her maths teacher ruined her reputation,” said the gogo.

She said the trouble started last year when the girl went missing one night and confessed the next morning that she had been with her teacher.

“I confronted the principal and he called in the teacher, who admitted it. He said he loved my granddaughter and would marry her,” said the gogo.

Angry villagers stormed the school and chased the teacher away.

School governing body chairwoman Alice Mashaba said: “We didn’t receive a complaint from the child’s family or school management. The principal only spoke of it after the teacher was chased away.”

Education spokesman Jasper Zwane said the teacher was suspended and counselling was arranged for the pupil.

Police Captain Dudu Phiri said the matter is under investigation.