Every generation compares its experience to that of the next and think life has become easier. But adult life is hard no matter what decade you’re in, even if the conditions are different. For millennials – those who reached young adulthood (18-39) in the year 2000 – there are unique everyday issues to deal with. But how can we deal with them efficiently?
Most studies about Generation Y state they are lazy and self-entitled. This belief is also held by older generations, which can lead to inter-generational hostility in the workplace. How do you resolve this problem?
Godfrey Madanhire is a professional life coach and owner of Dreamworld Promotions. Madanhire and he advises: “It’s a process that starts with just talking to the other person, calmly and rationally. Be careful to identify events and occasions rather than identify personal traits. Try to find some common ground about what you both agree upon. Then find a path for you both to follow towards resolution.”
Once you’re able to work together and understandably resolve your differences, perspectives will change.