ALL she wanted was a promotion to improve her life and earn more money to support her child.
But she never got the promotion she was after. Instead, she got HIV!
A woman (27) from Moletsane, Soweto told Daily Sun that she had gone for over a year without a job.
Life was not easy for her and her 11-year-old daughter.
Finally in August she got a job as a cleaner with a company in Joburg.
She had only been in the job for two weeks, she said, when her boss told her that there was a position of supervisor available from 1 September.
“He said he wanted me to be the supervisor at the new branch, but I would need to pay R700 for paperwork and to secure the position,” she claims.
The woman paid R300 but she didn’t have the rest of the money. So her boss told her that if she slept with him she wouldn’t have to pay the balance. Out of desperation she said she agreed. “We went to my place and spent the night,” she said.
“A month later I started to get sick with sores on my body and I could not go to work. I went to the clinic and got tested. I was told I am HIV-positive. When I called him and told him, his response was ‘e ka seo bolaye’.
“He told me not to bother coming back to work.
“Last week when I felt better I returned to work. My boss now treats me as if I never existed.
“I’m really angry and disappointed at myself.
“I feel used and stupid to have allowed myself to be in this situation.
“Young women – love yourselves. Do not trust people with promises of a better life. They have hidden agendas.” she said.