Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Kebby Maphatsoe says he will not take legal action against people responsible for leaking a nude picture of a man purported to be him.

The picture, published on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp on Friday, shows a man resembling Maphatsoe standing stark naked in front of the legs of an unknown female.
After the picture went viral and attracted comments from social media users, the Umkhonto we Sizwe Veterans Association (MKVA) leader said he would take his traumatised family for counselling.
He said he hoped the psychological therapy would help them deal with the trauma and depression they suffered as a result of the publication of the lurid photo, which sent the political fraternity into a meltdown on Friday.
However, Maphatsoe refused to deny nor confirm if the picture was legitimate and if he was indeed the man in the photo.
"I was in exile and I lost my arm while there but here I am today still leading a normal life. Even President Jacob Zuma said as a leader you must always be prepared to be insulted and booed.
"So I will not sue or press criminal charges against that person. I'm a Christian and I'm from a Christian background so I'm not vindictive," he said.