Most men think they’re great in bed,” observed Jane, a marriage counsellor. “But much as we love our men, a five minute quickie before lights out really doesn’t get the earth moving! It’s not that they lack enthusiasm. They’re just being typical male—always ready for action. The problem is their technique—most of them don’t have any. Foreplay is clumsy and hurried, and as for the s3x, it’s always wham, bam…was that it?
Fortunately, all is not lost for these men. According to Canadian expert Lou Paget, author of How To Be A Great Lover, the key to fabulous s3x is foreplay. A common mistake men make is thinking that the things they enjoy will be pleasurable for their partner too.
For instance, the man who doesn’t like a tongue in his ear is rare, but the woman who does like it is rarer. “For most women, the ‘melt zone’ is the neck. We go gaga when kissed there.
Another help are s3x toys. The job of a s3x toy is to enhance, not take over. Even if you’ve not used toys before, they can add spark to your s3x life. But what if your man feels threatened by the stiff competition? Men should think of a vibrator as being like the TV remote control—they can take charge if you want them to”.
Another problem is finding your partner’s G-spot. According to Lou, The G-spot is located inside the vagina entrance, above the pubic bone in the front wall.
If a man imagines your vaginal entrance as a clock, the G-spot is typically at 12 noon. In order to ‘hit the spot’, the man should use the middle finger in a circular motion.
Another tip is for him to press gently on top of a vagina with his other hand.This will increase a woman’s pleasure”. Lou pointed out that it’s not just men who need to re-think their technique. Women should be willing to expand their bedroom skills too.