More than ever before, women with more bounce-to-the-ounce, are being encouraged to flaunt what they have. All over the world, there have also been beauty pageants specially designed for volumptous women. Afterall there are lots of men that salivate over fleshy women. Like Kay, for instance. A friend of several years, he’d always been full of praises for them.
“It is really exciting when a well-endowed woman gets undressed when you’re in the room. The sight of very fleshy boobs tumbling free from the bra always want me to bury my head between her cleavage. Heaven! tumbling free from the bra”, he whooped, rubbing his hands with glee. Susan doesn’t joke with her food in spite of the size 24 figure. She was the brunt of cruel jibes when she was in school. “But when I entered university, I didn’t really give a hoot about my figure”, she told me.
“By this time, I’d had a handful of boyfriends. One actually said he loved me until I was eventually dumped because, according to him, people always point and stare at you when we go out’. Simply put, he thought I was an embarrassment. What a kick in the teeth! What did I do?
I reverted to sweet, fattening food for comfort. And put on more weight. “When I discovered that there were some girls fatter than me, with tons of confidence on campus, I forgot my inhibitions. So, when I met this skinny man at a party who said I was gorgeous, I didn’t shrink back.
His name was Phil and his sincere compliments won me over in an instant. It was the first of many feel-good phrases he heaped on me and I lapped it up. We became intimate almost immediately and he couldn’t have enough of me. ‘I like the feeling of a woman in control’, he told me, ‘and I love big women and their beautiful fat flesh squashing me. Skinny girls are just bony and full of themselves while you are amazing.
You care about me, not selfish about your looks! In case you haven’t noticed, there is an increase in demand for big women in recent years. And the service they offer include ‘squashing’. According to Jenny, a fat happy Londoner. “I was seriously contemplating getting a gastric band to curb my obesity and researching the options opened to me on the internet when I noticed the BBW site.
Big Beautiful Women. I 1clicked it and found a website with pictures of fat women posing in lovely dresses and even their undies. And they were bigger than me. In other words, while I’d spent my adult years cowering and lacking in confidence, the women looked happy and proud.