It all started sometimes early this year…it just happened and we connected. On my own part….I never knew she was a runs girl. She’s jovial and caring. I actually took her serious until I discovered her true identity and ever since that day….my emotional attachment to her reduced speedily.
I confronted her and she admitted living such a life but that she’s willing to change if I’m ready to make her my ‘one and only’. But to my utmost dismay, this girl no gree change. Her urge for money is on the high side and she believes that all those her runs yields faster income.
I’m quite sure that, this girl get better handwork. But she doesn’t want to manage her life with the income that comes from her handwork as she tags it ‘not enough’.
I have tried my possible best to advise her on how she can improve on her hand work because the income is mouth watering yet she is not satisfied with it due to her extravagant life style.
As a matter of fact, I don pursue her on countless occasions, but she will still come back with her stylish way of begging, she won’t change.
Peeps, I’m tired…I want to send this girl away from my life (but not the wicked way) because her life style is gradually tarnishing my good image and reputation especially among my friends.