Everybody’s had some very embarrassing experiences in the bedroom. Some funny, some awkward and some just downright embarrassing! Here are the most embarrassing things to happen during sex!

1. Your parents walk in

For those lovers unfortunate enough to live at home with their parents, you grab a hold of every free house that you can to have sleep together. Have your parents come home early from the pub? You rush to pull up your pants and cover yourself up. You see the open window and rush toward it, clothes in hand. But before you get there, the door swings open and there’s your parents. The two of you stand shamefully stark-nak_ed in the middle of the room. Awkward…

2. Finishing TOO Early

Blowing the beans too soon is every man’s nightmare. Women are lucky that they can have se_x without pressure. Finishing too early is considered to be prior to or within one minute of se_x. Sufferers can try a number of things to combat the problem. If the space shuttle continues to blow up all over the launch pad, then you should probably see a doctor.

3. Slipping into the back-door.

It’s happened to everyone, ESPECIALLY in their first few times. You’re a confident man in bed and it’s all going according to plan. The girl turns off the lights and jumps into bed. You can’t see and you lose the little man when you switch positions. In an attempt to find the hole, you slide into the wrong one. Lol!

4. Mistakenly screaming someone else’s name.

Happens more often than you might think. Have things gotten stale in the bedroom and you begin to fantasize about someone else? You find yourself getting lost in your fantasy so much that you accidentally YELL out someone else’s name. Oops! You’ll be very lucky to keep going if this has happened to you..

5. Not Getting It Up

There’ nothing more embarrassing for a man than not to be able to raise the flag. You feel like your masculinity is drained by the floppy slug staring at the ground. Most commonly caused by insane drun_kenness, or less likely because he’s just not that into you.

6. The Queef.

Everything is going normal in the bedroom when all of a sudden, a dirty squelching noise bursts out of one of you. And it wasn’t from your rear end … or hers. Formally put by Urban Dictionary, the queef is “an expulsion of wind from the va jay jay during se_x aka a va jay jay fart. You both stop in brief shock and stare at one another in the middle. There are 2 ways to handle the queef: Ignore it and don’t look at each other for the remainder of your session or laugh it off and keep going!
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