Thembi takes us through her rather shocking journey as a se_x addict.
“My se_x addiction started when I was seven years old, after discovering a box of dusty po_rn tapes underneath the guest room bed. The images of na_ked, bus_ty women with men kneeling at their feet, excited me in a way that my Saturday morning cartoons never had. And I wanted to be those women.
“By the time I was 14  I was already sleeping with my then boyfriend. I felt that s_ex gave me power and control. And I loved having a man at my mercy. Listen, it’s like it had taken over why whole life. When I was in school I’d be thinking about getting my boyfriend alone with me and start all over again. I had all kinds of toys in my bedroom and I would lock myself inside. I watched po_rn on my computer late at night.” she narrates.
She goes on to say she felt her boyfriend wasn’t enough and sought the thrill somewhere else.
“I went on a rampage from there, I’d date many guys at once and go to bed with them. Through my teenage years I dated all age groups just to fulfill my fantasies. As an adult I basically juggled 4 men all at one in the span of one day” She’s says she’s tried everything that you’ve seen acted out on adult movies. “I did it with strangers from bars or sometimes I’d just walk up to a random guy and ask him if he wanted it. I did it in parks, public bathrooms, work, forests and cars” to her no place was inappropriate,
“But now I’m exhausted, I want to stop. I feel drained and I want to be normal. I know this is not healthy” she muses. She says she’s been seeking professional help but she’s struggling as it’s so easy to fall back into old patterns again. Thembi is positive she will beat her addiction and is looking forward to be in a healthy relationship.
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